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Newbie to Nutrition and Dieting

Hey whats up guys and girls new to the forum,out of that Houston Texas but love the Tennessee Tians (Former Oilers) I just needed some input I recently ripped up during the summer, I used to weigh 248 now i’m down to 195-200. I don’t know my bodyfat but my abs are real visible and I don’t have to flex them to make them seen. I’m around 6’3" and I want to pack on more mass without gaining all that bodyfat especially not in my face, cuz doing cardio for five days a week early in the morning for 3 1/2 months was a muth!@$%^&(*. I think my main question is the nutrition, I know all about working out but don’t really know what to eat and when to eat. Could somebody school me? and some really good supplements or anabolics besides creatine and protein shakes I already know about them. I was interested in 4AD-EC. Also if someone gave their diet or some info I would really appreciate it. Im a 24 years old

Sorry man for some reason this didnt go through yesterday so I will try again, Oh and I wanted to add nail your nutrition first then move to supps.

Let me first say welcome to you both.

I say both due to the fact that the info. I am giving here will work for 2 seperate threads.

Next let me congratulate you on figuring out that nutrition will/is a/the biggest factor toward any goal you have when it comes to your training.

Now all of us could just start spewing advice and diets at you but most of the time it is of greater benefit to you if you help us help you. So I have compiled a list here with links to some great articles that will cover many of the bases of nutrition we ALL follow here.

Read up on these, as well as anything eles by LL (Lonnie Lowery) and JB (John Berardi) and come on back with some more specific ?'s and an understanding that EVERY aspect of your nutrition and training will be individaul to YOU. In other words what works Great for me or another may down right BLOW for you.

Hope these help and come on back we’ll be waiting.

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