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Newbie: The Growth Surge Project okay?

Hey there,

I want to mass up once and for all. I’m 5’7, 135. Small Frame. I ran into the article of “The Growth Surge Project” and wanted to know if that’s possible for me as a starter. I have done some weight training (on and off) but never focus on the eating side which is why i’m still thin. But this article really gets me motivated if this is something a beginner can try. Please let me know.

I just saw your ad posted and thought I’d drop you a line. I am in a somewhat similar situation. I am about your height a little heavier but not much and also can’t seem to get big either, but I think that is because I simply have not been training or eating properly all the time that I have been weight training. I have tried the “escalating density” program on T-mag recently and found that it really worked. You might want to try that. You can type in “escalating density” on the search engine and be directed to the program. I would be happy to hear back from you as to your thoughts on it. Thanks for taking the time to read my message, and feel free to reply if you like. Wishing you success. Lorne

You should get some more lifting/eating experience under your belt before you try the Growth Surge stuff. It would be helpful if we had some more details about you (age, training age, current workout, etc.)

I agree that EDT might be a better choice for you at this time. But what you really need to do is start a food log. Read the FAQ to find out how.

Growth Surge is very good, but as a total newbie the “Pound o Week” diet at T-mag may be easier to follow. Start logging your food intake first thing. Read the article on how to do it at t-mag. I think is called missing ingredient.

I would say first get your diet in order and train using a beginners program or even one of Ian King’s programs. Growth Surge calls for 2 a day workouts and it might be a bit much since you are a beginner. At this stage if you get your diet in order you should grow with any kind of lifting. Just stick to squats, chins, deadlifts, and bench presses. Then after a few months you could try the Growth surge project.

Growth Surge has a one day option as well. Still, it is pretty advanced.

thank you all for you suggestions. Both the articles, “Escalating Density Training” and “Pound O’ Week”, will be very useful. I’m going to re-read both articles and incorporate it into a plan. I sure hope this will work. I’m going to plan to join a gym very soon.

BTW:I’m 22 and use to hit the company gym 2/3 times a week until I was laid off for 6 months. Now I do push-ups, curls and a few others. Not a very intense workout.