Newbie T-Vixen Needing a Push

I’ve been checking out the web site from the suggestion of a friend. I think I’m just a little overwhelmed. And I need a little help or knowledge is what I truly lack. A push maybe.

I’m looking to get a basic routine and diet going for starters then see where it takes me. Being a 30 year old single women it’s time I take my life by the balls and make the most out of it in a different way than I have so far. So here I am. Starting a new chapter!

My diet isn’t, in my opinion, that bad. I don’t eat a lot of junk or drink a lot of soda. I’m not dumb when it comes to food, in other words. But some help in finding a suitable diet and some added supplements would be great.

I work out at a gym that I have access to trainers who can help me with just about every thing I need. But the down fall is that the gym is so damn busy that it’s not only hard to get their input but even to get to the weights at times. So I’m needing some help getting a good start on my own.

So there you have it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it only gets me to the edge of the cliff, I can push my self from there.

Thanks again,

My buddy Vroom has a nice post which has everything a beginner needs. It’s only a little way down in the beginners forum, check it out.

Also, Pictures would help us to determine where you might need the most help. specifically pictures in a bikini, you know so we can see all the “trouble spots” and make an accurate assesment.


as vegita said pictures are extremely important. we just cant give you good help without them, that would be full body shots in a bikini or some nudes are fine too.
you have already won half the battle and doing a good thing.
the post that vegita mentioned is “Are you a beginner II” you can do a search for the first part.
keep on this board the advice and humor is priceless.
best wishes to ya.

Pictures are always needed, as we would hate to see if you are fooling yourself in any way. Also, it’s the best way to get proper feedback. :wink:

In addition to the Beginner’s Thread (as mentioned), I would highly suggest you go check out the T-Vixen Forum and look into some of the articles for Vixens, especially new ones in the making, such as yourself.

Also check out “How to build a T-Vixen” for starters:

If the link doesn’t work, just do a search for the title.

I would advise you not to rely too heavily on the advice of a trainer; I’ve seen very few who actually know what they’re talking about. Keep reading this site - check out the different diet and training articles, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the input so far everybody.
There’s just so much information on the site I don’t know where to begin. ARG!
(Spaztic blonde moment about to occur! Duck!)

I’ll check out that link regrahc, thanks a bunch.


I will give this one a shot.

First, as previously mentioned pictures are a big help in giving everyone an idea of what you need help with. Also goals of yours, your background, what you have done training wise in the past, general information on how much you can make it to the gym, etc.

Second, the articles on here have done a great job in plans for people who are new to the gym and you should take the time to read them and learn.

Third, as a woman you have a different body then a man, not that you have to train different but the girls on here are very knowledgeable and can give you insights that a guy just cant give, (how do I know what it feels like to have boobs crushed on a bench when your doing supported t-bar rows).

Fourth this is totally just a template that I have used in the past, I’m not a fitness trainer, not a strength coach, I am a accountant, take that for what its worth.

Ok here goes, assuming you can at least make it to the gym 3-4 days a week for about a hour and 15 minutes each time I will try and lay out plan for your first month or two. If you have no clue about how to do a certain exercise Im sure someone can post a link to direct you where to go to find out how to do them.

First Month - the goal is consistency and keeping up the desire to actually continue to go to the gym after you experience soreness and laziness that we all have from time to time, its normal, push past it.

Day 1,2,3

Legs, Chest/triceps, Back and biceps

warm up on something, bike, walk, whatever. Just move easily not hard or pushing yourself just move for 10 mins.

Since Im assuming you are totally new, go to a few leg machines, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, whatever do some sets, mostly it doesnt matter what you do just learn to feel your muscles contracting and extending, learn how to squeeze a muscle learn what muscles do what, learn your body, use good form.

finish off with some treadmill or bike whatever just move your body.

Day 2, Same thing with chest and triceps, just do some dumbell presses, bench,curls, whatever just learn your body.

Day 3, Same thing as chest just use your back, do some movements bent over rows, lat pulldowns squeeze things in your back, trust me things will squeeze you might not now if its fat or muscle squeezing but something is so learn your body,

2nd Month

you should have learned how your body moves, what muscles do what, how to do some exercises whatever, your in the gym most importantly,

ok here is where you learn either your going to be someone who works out seriously and trains, or you just go to the gym and do stuff.

hopefully you want to train.

Ok this is a big step since you have been going to the gym you must have at least one man or woman who can do a real squat at your gym, they may be the ones everyone else stays away from but they can and most importantly if your serious and ask politely will help you if you are serious. Ask them to show you a squat, a real free weight in the squat rack squat(ps now is the time to find on here or elitefts website exactly how to squat, deadlift, clean and press, beach, etc.)

Learn the squat learn the deadlift learn the bench learn to clean and press, learn to do things that make your body feel uncomfortable like these movements will, you will not like them they will be hard, Its worth it.

ok Day 1


Squats, do some sets, do more sets, learn each time you do them, good form, etc, just squat,

Stiff legged or romanian deadlifts, learn these, do them.

after you do these both do some of your favorite leg exercises whatever just do some more excerices, step ups, lunges, goodmornings just do some of each.

10 mins of cardio walk, run, bike. who cares just do something.

Day 2 Chest and Tris

Bench, find the guy or girl who taught you how to squat, hopefully they can teach you how to bench, if not go to elite fts or here and learn how to bench.


Go to the bench and bench. 4,5,6 sets whatever just do the movement learn it feel it, understand it. then go do your dumbell presses, your flyes, your incline, your pecdec whatever just move your chest against resistance. triceps, do some pushdowns, dips, extensions whatever you need to do to feel like you worked them.

Day 3,

Back and biceps,

Find your new found friend and ask them how to do a deadlift. learn the deadlift, learn good form, then… surprise go do it, do it again and again, for as many sets as you want, 3,5,7 whatever just do it. after your done go do some lat pull downs, maybe you can do a chin up maybe you cant, try it out, can you? if you can do them, if not try, struggle, pull, whatever just keep trying. do some bent over rows, one arm rows. biceps, ummmm hmmmm im lost umm do come curls (after you have been here awhile you’ll kinda get why im lost on how to do curls)

Guess what you have learned in two months hopefully how your body moves and what muscles do what, and… youve hopefully begun the infant stages of the three movements which will be the cornerstones of your lifting and working out career.

I know this may seem like its not very specific, but the point is to get in the gym, learn your body, then learn some basic yet most rewarding movements you can do to change your body, life, period. Learn the discipline, learn the consistency, learn to enjoy pushing yourself, knowing you will fail and have to come back and try again. In the end this is all a big game where your the only player, your decisions affect you and you period, only you can lift the weight, only you can decide you go to the gym and stay home, and most importantly only you can take the credit for the change you have made to your body.

Thanks a lot Bert! I really appreciate all the info. And I understand what you all are saying about the pics. But when I say “newbie” I mean it. I have no pics, heck I’m still getting used to walking into a gym and (as Bert said, learning my body) let alone posting pics. I’ll do my best to get that done. Just let me tell you now, everything needs help that is why I’m just looking to get a general work out right now and then go from there.
Thanks again,

Like others said check out the beginners thread. start slow and make Permanent changes in your lifestyle not quick fixes.

LL has said it many time that taking and making small changes will lead to Long term success and compliance where as you aill crash and burn on the big OVER haul.

Just try and slowly soak it in and apply what you can as you go.

Just my 2cc,


I’ve only started weight training in the last few months, and I have to admit that I found the whole ‘yellow on black’ thang a wee bit intimidating at first :slight_smile: However, I’ve had a bucketload of help from T-Nation users, and I’ve found that there’s alway someone out there that’s willing to answer your ‘dumb’ questions.
My advice would be: ‘if you have a question, post’. There will be a few smart-arses who have forgotten what it’s like to get started, but most people on this forum are friendly and helpful.



I actually am a trainer (not fly by night crap, I’m with the ACSM and soon to be with the NSCA), and in addition to the beginner threads that have been mentioned, there are a few key points I’d like to highlight that I find to be trouble spots/most important with newbies -

  1. Form is paramount. You’ll experience gains in strength like crazy for the first few weeks/months, but it’s very important to keep yourself in check so that you don’t break form. You’ll make much better long-term gains if you keep good form (you’ll also learn that there’s no one BEST form for each exercise, but rather many variations that are all good). If you ever have any questions on the nuances of an exercise, lots of folks on here will be able to help you out.

  2. Consistency, as was already mentioned. Learn how to make going to the gym (or lifting other heavy things) a part of your life - when to eat, how it fits in your schedule, etc. Worry about that more than seeing instant massive fat loss.

  3. Challenge yourself. Once you’ve learned the form well, by all means, don’t be afraid to add weight within your abilities. With women especially, people new to working out seem to be afraid to keep adding 5 - 10 lbs, another rep, or whatever to an exercise. Don’t stay stagnant.

  4. Variety. It’s important, but not yet. Learn a few key exercises to start, master them, then learn new ones. For instance, start with the barbell back squat, military press, and bent over row, learn them well, then learn a new leg movement, press movement, and pulling movement (say, deadlifts, dumbbell bench press, and pulldowns). After you’ve been training for a good while/develop specific goals, you’ll need to switch your program up frequently - but that’s a ways off.

  5. STRETCHING. It’s imperative that you stretch at least every other day, possibly more frequently. Flexibility is key to keeping good lifting form and thus keeping uninjured for the long haul, but so many people ignore it. Don’t be one of those people :slight_smile:

  6. Muscle balance. A good rule of thumb is to include as many pulling exercises as presses and as many hamstring dominant leg exercises as quad dominant, but you may have some significant postural imbalances already since you’re around 30. That’s where pictures would be most handy - a profile shot of upper body (specifically shoulder girdle), legs (front and back), front torso, and back torso would suffice. You don’t have to be wearing a bikini as the others have encouraged, though something rather form fitting would be most helpful. It’s hard to see excessive curvature of the back through a baggy shirt, for example. Don’t worry if you’re not where you’d like to be right now, very few people around here are dicks to newbies looking for help.

Other than that, happy reading in Vroom’s threads, and feel free to ask anything :slight_smile: Godspeed.


Well I certainly have my homework for the weekend. And trust me I’ll get it done. Once things get going and I’m on my way I’m sure I’ll need more help. Thank you so very much. Talk you all soon. its2gs

Hmmmmm,still waiting to check out some pictures