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This is my first post. I was just hatched last month and I'm only 6 weeks old. I've followed a good diet of eating every 3 hours, and when I scream everyone makes sure I get plenty to eat, especially at 3 in the morning. I've gained a solid three pounds in 4 weeks, and I haven't hit the gym yet.

I hope to hit the weights soon, but I can't reach the bar. I was thinking of doing squats, but my little legs are too weak. hell I cant even stand yet.

" Everyone on T-Nation, I would like to welcome the newest member to T-Nation. He was born 3-22-06, 6 pounds 10 oz".

This is one of the best things my wife has given me other than our first son, and her hand in marriage.

Bullpup, Da proud PAPA


That's awesome. Congradulations man!


Congrats Da Papa.


Congratulations, Bullpup! That's definitely an adorable newbie!


I notice there is no real shoulder or Trap development. You might want to try some roll-overs in a few months and that should help. How many grams of protein do you get?

Congrats proud daddy!


I didn't spell Congratulations right.




He's actually cute. That is impressive in its own right. :slight_smile:

Well done mate!


Awww! Beautiful baby!! Enjoy him. :slight_smile:


Yeh right, his not lifting yet... As IF!!!
Why the straps then???

Congratulation mate!!!!!


I'm happy for you and welcome to the world bullpup. Grow strong and Prosper.


Hey, always nice to see the new generation. Congrats to you!


may you be blessed my friend.



Does everyone get more tit than me?

Congrads man. It's awesome to see the new life in this world.


I think that may be overtraining when combined with all the energy expenditure from screaming.

Bullpup, Contrats mate!


Well done. You should be very, very proud.


The only thing that's missing is a little baby shoe so we can judge his bf%.


Yeah, he should probably start cutting.

Congratulations on the little bullpuppy!


I have realized something. The birth of my child was amazing I watched the whole thing, and my wife had both my boys naturally. I have to admit it with all honesty I think she's moaning during sex to make me feel better.



Awww so cute!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're so lucky!!!!!