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Ok, so I'm totally new at this and decided instead of trying to do it myself I would ask for help - new for me. :slight_smile:

My T was tested at around 200. Super low. Lots of reasons why, so it doesn't matter. I've dealt with that, but I'm getting m T back. I found in the gym my midsection grew and I couldn't gain at all, so I went to an anti-aging clinic here in town and they gave me T. Of course I don't mind getting just enough T but I want to build, I'm just not a muscle head. I can eat lean and clean and do 45 mins of cardio per day or workout and do basic training. I'm hoping to drop some wait, get lean but build up chest and arms. My legs are pretty strong and I'm assuming their mass will be easy. More than anything I want to lean down but bulk up in the right areas. So, I assume if I eat very clean, healthy fats, low carbs (but not NO carbs) and eat regularly throughout the day, I will lean down with T? Or is everyone right that you can't get lean on T?

Last question (if you read this far...) Obviously a doctor isn't going to jack me up on 500 MG of T per week, so I'm starting where they started me at the anti-aging clinic. I have no idea about the bottle and things, all I know is The bottle says: Testosterone/ENAN 200MG/ML - inject 100MG (0.5 ML) In arm or hip each week as directed. The bottle says 1000MG/5ML (200MG/ML) This shit makes no sense! I think it's supposed to be 100MG per week, but can someone help me decifer and tell me their thoughts on whether this is enough to start to achieve my goals and how the hell to read how many 'servings' this is?

Thanks for the support.