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Newbie Sustanon 250 Cycle

Hi all,

I have been reading for months about doing this and have learnt as much as i can.

I am 5’10" 80kg, ~8 % body fat and i have been training MMA for several years.

I have been taking hygetropin HGH for the last 18 months 4iu every week day.

I am looking to start a Sustanon 250 6 week cycle.

i have just a few questions which i hope i dont get flamed for as a i really have tried to learn as much as i can but its alot to take in admitedly.

I will just run through what my source has given me.
8 x Sutanon 250 in glass amps (it says that they are 1ml each)
30 x 20 mg tablets Tamoxifen which i think is the Nolvadex ?
24 x 50mg clomiphene citrate which i think is the Clomid
4 x HCG-lepori 2500 which comes in 4 x 2 glass amps. One with the powder and one with the Disolve. the disolve says 1ml and im assuming from the name and the fact that 2500iu is mentioned on the back that either there is 2500iu in each glass amp

now my source has said that i inject 1 bottle of the Sust 250 every week, once a week.
take one nolva every other day throughout and then 2 weeks after my last injection for PCT start taking 1 x 50mg clomid every day for 5 days. and inject one of the HCG E3D

From what i have read i have a few issues with what he is telling me.

  1. 250mg of the test’s in each 1ml bottle is how i am seeing it ? if thats the case it doesnt look like 250mg a week is enough so maybe twice a week, say a sun and weds would be better. One bottle each time ? so that would be 500mg a week for the 6 weeks ?

  2. The PCT seems wrong to me. Everything i have read says that HCG although used to be used for PCT is now actually seen to be better used during the cycle ? I just wondered how much i am meant to take and when. And also because they are in 2500iu glass bottles and ive read that 1000-1500iu per week is right. i wonder can i open them, dilute and then keep them in a fridge like i do with my HGH or because they are in these glass bottles do i have to throw away ?

  3. on the PCT again it seems that i shouldnt be taking nolva right through the cycle and i should only use it if i notice some gyno. in which case i start taking at 40mg a day for a few days until it goes ?

  4. And the clomid he has given me to take at the end. 2 weeks after sounds about right. however i have read that alot of people prefer nolva as it has less sides. in which case does this mean that i can ignore the clomid and just do the nolva at 40mg a day for the first week and then 20mg a day for the next two weeks ? or am i better taking both ?

  5. i cannot get my hands on any AI for taking during the cycle so i am worried about shrinking testicles and wondered if there is any alternative to this that i may be able to source or is the hcg helping with that anyway if i am right to take it throughout the cycle ?

I hope none of this sounds stupid. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Take 500mg / week. Inject twice a week. It’s better if injected EOD but twice will make it a lot easiear.

  2. If you don’t have any AI then use nolva if you notice some gyno. Some people do use it throughout the cycle to prevent gyno.