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Newbie Supplement Diet


Hi so im basically a newbie. i am about a week into a stack with pink magic, prime, oxyelite, using C4 as a preworkout. Im looking to cut so right now my meals have basically consisted of:
-High fiber oatmeal in the morning
- some sort of lean meat with either string beans/white rice/ or corn
- another serving of oatmeal post workout
-apple or orange with either a egg white omlete with peppers/tomato or grilled chicken

Any tips for other things to eat? getting kind of bored of this shit





Theres all the info you need. Also don't rely on things like preworkout for a good workout. I always thought they were silly. Save your money, spend it on quality foods/ proteins. Get yourself pumped up for the workout.


OP just curious how much experience do you have?


replace the white rice with slower carbs like sweet potatoe or more green veggies


Lol, yeah that's his problem. There's practically NO difference between a sweet potato and some white rice. Now, replacing white rice with green vegetables, that's an entirely different story.