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Newbie Strongman Training Help

Someone involved with strongman training that would help me? If you have any technique tips please tell them, thank you. This was the 2nd time on the log press and 1st time on the axle.

log press

apollons axle

And how do you make i youtube video so you can se it in the forum

On the log that hang clean technique will probably not work as it gets heavier, you need to sit down a bit keep your elbows high, get that log high on your chest and use your hips to roll it up your chest and keeping your elbows high once there.

Also if your interested in competing i would really recommend perfecting your leg drive. Especially being smaller.

On the axle practice turning your hand over while its still in the air and catch it with both hands over its all mental and will prevent that problem you had

I’d say learn to jump. You’re muscling the weight, and that doesn’t work. Technique is much more important in the beginning of strongman than it is in the beginning of other strength sports.

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