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Newbie Steroid Cycle. Need Advice

Good evening,
I’m starting a cycle soon, need advice as to if I should change anything in my cycle.
I’m 27, 5”11 and 235lbs 23% body fat.
The reason I want to do a cycle is for a boost. Feel like I’m stuck and nothing is working.

Week 1-12 test 500 mg per week
Week 1-12 Arimidex .25 EOD
Week 14-16 nolvadex 40 mg
Week 16-18 nolvadex 20 mg
Week 14-16 clomid 100 mg per day
Week 16-18 clomid 50 mg per day

You probably have your mind set on doing this cycle so I will dispense with the eat right sleep right train right stuff. Plus you are of age to make up your own mind and physically mature as well.

First just cover bases. I recommend getting blood planels before you start just so you have a base line to judge if you have damaged anything after the cycle.

You will probably end up needing 0.5 mgs of arimidex EOD with that dosage. Everyone is different but still go read up on signs of high estrogen and low estrogen. You should just know them so if you notice something you will know that something is not right and then you can correct it. If I were you I would start the arimidex with your shots or within a couple of days. I would start with the 0.25 EOD like you have planned. Just so you know and understand any estered hormone takes about five half lives to have a steady release rate. You didn’t specify which ester your test is but I am willing to bet it is enanthate or cypionate. Those two have a half life of about 10.5 and 12 days. So about five to six half lives into your cycle the amount of testosterone being released from the ester will stabilize. From day one to that 5-6 half life mark your release rate and ultimate testosterone level will be rising. So if you notice signs of high estrogen around mid cycle that is why. Simply increase your dosage of arimidex. Chances are you will end up needing to increase the dosage and wanted to explain why so you don’t freak out or think it is something other than that.

You are planning a 12 week cycle. So just to clarify on week 12 you are injecting 500 mgs of testosterone in two equal injections most likely one on Sunday and second on Wednesday. You inject nothing for week 13 and 14 then at the end of week 14 you start PCT at the start of week 15.

If during PCT you notice you are acting like a craZy pregnant woman with your emotions. Like crying at touching holiday commercials on the TV then most likely that is the clomid. Just so you know.

Make sure to obviously increase your clean high protein food. If you use one of those isolated protein powders like I do then make sure you also increase your bcaa’s. Most brands of the powders have the bcaa’s so just check yours and act accordingly. Remember what you need to build muscle, protien, amino acids, and water. (Obviously food to fuel the process)

Just so it is said and I don’t end up regretting not saying it, I would prefer your body fat precentage to be lower. Yours isn’t horrible but nor is it great and their are more risks the higher the body fat is. You are old enough to weigh the risks versus rewards on this subject.

Also click on my profile name then go read my other commitments on needle size and injection locations I recommended for others on their first cycles.

Other than that good luck and I wish you success with your cycle. Chance’s are you will love it and end up doing another one so welcome to our world.


I’ll add to what now_I_care said, but his advice is spot on.

You don’t need both Nolva and Clomid. Run the Nolva 40/40/20/20 instead. Clomid has some side effects that are unpleasant and if you can avoid them. But if you run your pct exactly as laid out then you’ll be fine, but it’s my opinion that it’s a little heavy.

Your dosage of anastrozole is probably going to be a little low. As stated above, it’s a highly individual thing. But your bf is a little high, so your rate of aromatization will be a higher than if you were say 13% bf.

Thank you now_i_care for responding to my post.
I am taking enanthate or planing to take.
Should I not take a break on 13&14? What my “friend” told me was that I need to wait a week after my last injection to start PCT. I was also have HCG and b12 to mix it. Should I use that on week end of week 14? I was planing on doing 1000 ui EOD for 16 days then start PCT.

Just so I can understand and have the knowledge, since I am a bit uneducated. Why should I not run Clomid?

It’s just a redundancy. They both work for the purpose of restarting natural test production, so you don’t strictly need both simultaneously. Think of it like taking both Advil and Tylenol for a headache. They’re both NSAIDs and though they have different mechanisms of action the end result of one is roughly the same as the other. You won’t hurt yourself if you take both Nolva and Clomid together, just FTR. You can absolutely do it and tons of guys have. It’s just that Clomid seems to have worse side effects and if you can avoid them then you’d be better off.

Start pct two weeks after last injection of enanthate. 1,000iu of HCG EOD? That’s way too much. HCG can cause aromatization within the testes which means it will not be treatable with an AI. 500iu twice a week is the standard protocol. And don’t bother mixing it with b12. That stuff is a waste of money unless you have an existing deficiency. Seriously. I’ve seen claims that it can do everything from increase energy to prevent heart disease, and there isn’t a lot of science to back up most of the claims.

Thank you guys for your help and knowledge. I feel more confident doing the cycle now. I’ll cut out the clomid.

Final Cycle-
Week 1-12 test E 500 mg per week
Week 1-12 Arimidex .25 EOD
Week 14-16 nolvadex 40 mg
Week 16-18 nolvadex 20 mg

Ok I will try saying this in another manner.
Your LAST injection of test enanthate will be Wednesday of week 12. You will not start PCT until Monday of week 15. Remember you will be taking two equal shots of test enanthate per week in this example. One on Sunday and one on Wednesday. After that last shot on Wednesday of week 12 then you do not take any shots of test for weeks 13 and 14.

Technically you could start pct exactly two weeks after last injection, so Wednesday of week 14. I would wait until Monday of week 15. That way you start at the beginning of the week and you have waited a little more than the half life of enanthate. By week 12 you build up of test in your system is going to be pretty high. True recovery can not take place until the synthetic hormone levels are low enough to not stop the natural feedback loop. In a nutshell with PCT we are synthetically kick starting the natural test production so as the synthetic test levels drop low enough then the natural can take over once the loop isn’t being stopped by the synthetic anymore.

With HCG there are two thoughts. One you take it your whole cycle to prevent shutdown and the other you just take it just the month before PCT to help prime the natural test production restart. There are benefits and risks for both methods, go read up.

Need help if you can.
I went to the doctors recently and he confirmed I have gyno on my left side. I’ve been taking Nolva (20mg) ED. I feel like it’s not subsiding. I’m scared, and want to know what can I do. I’m still injecting mon and thurs 250mg each. Please help. Thank you I’m advance.

You have gyno and you’re still taking 500mgs of testosterone every week? You know that the test is what caused the gyno, right? I know a lot of guys power through a cycle when gyno flares up, but there’s no shame in stopping, getting your gyno under control, running pct, and trying again another time (or never doing it again).

Also, the Nolva is not going to reverse your gyno, which is why you don’t feel it subsiding. You need Letro.

I wonder if you wouldn’t benefit from dropping the test from 500mgs to 125mgs and treating your gyno with letro. That way you wouldn’t be trying to recover/pct while also trying to control your e2 and your gyno. Some smarter members can chime in and let you know if that idea has any merit. I’ve never had to deal with this before so I can’t give any empirical evidence.

Thank you for replying and advising me.
So far I’ve been taking nova for for almost a week. The lump has gone down and it’s not as sensitive as before. I had signs of gyno before my cycle. I went to the doctors had blood drawn and he stated that it’s all normal. No need for concern. So I assumed with the cycle it would’ve gone down/stop. From then till now there’s really no change in size. It’s just making me feel like everyone can see it. It’s making me feel unconfident. So when I did the sonogram then it was confirmed. So I don’t know if it got better because I did the cycle. Either way I want to finish it. Just want to know how I can control it.
Thank you everyone for your help and advice.