Newbie Starting TRT from Online Clinic

Hello all- I’m a 45y/o male and been on TRT (1% Androgel 2.5 grams daily) for about 5 years. Idiot Endo tried to cycle me off with Clomid so went without androgel for about 5 weeks, but then got back on it last week after crashing with no energy.

For background, I’m in decent cardio shape - struggle through HIIT classes 2x per week, but still 25 lbs overweight. My guess is I’m about 25-28% body fat. Yes, I need to lose this, but right now with my energy levels, I can barely be active and am trying to solve this with nutrition. I’m hoping with TRT, I’ll have proper energy to get back into a solid workout routine. Very new to all this so watching as much Youtube content and browsing these forums to understand dosage math, injection frequency, etc.

I’m getting updated bloodwork this coming Tuesday, but from a few weeks ago my Test came in at 474ng/dl, Free-T at 120.6pg/ml, SHBG at 22.5 nmol/L and estradiol level was 39.5pg/ml. I’ll have a comprehensive set of labs that I’ll post later next week when I get my bloodwork done.

Online clinic prescribed the following: 200m/g TRT Cyp per week which equates to 0.5m/l IM shots on Sun and Wed. In addition, I’m to take 1/2 pill of Armidex every Monday. The AI was a result of my E2 levels a bit on the higher side. Thoughts? Eventually, I will look to layer in HCG but want to dial in my TRT first.

I’ll expect my meds in 10 days so sticking to the 2.5 grams of Androgel that I use daily.

Thanks guys.

Probably more than you need, and @tareload can offer some examples of why.

Were me I’d start with 120mg, same split (don’t tell you doc) and hold off on the AI to start. Or take like .125mg after each shot, get labwork often while dialing in


This is mostly likely too much Test and is at the top end for TRT dosages. I would bring the dosage down to what @swoops39 recommended.

Also forget about any AI for now. Give this new protocol at least 6-8 weeks.


Ditto on the above two. @systemlord nailed it when he said try a dose that won’t need an AI

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Guys, thanks so much for taking the time to answer my Qs. I felt like the consult was a formality and the protocol was plain vanilla. Will absolutely scale down as you all suggest and slowly layer in additional meds after 8 week labs.

I’m definitely a bit nervous switching over to injections (feels big time) vs. gel so want to approach with caution. Not looking to get jacked here, just get have normal energy, libido and work out, eat clean, etc.

Just to confirm, 120m/g would be 0.3 ml per injection 2x weekly?

Asssuming the test is 200mg/mL, yes.