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Newbie Starting Strength

Hello T Nation,
This is the first time I ever start the training, and I will following ‘Starting Strength’ by Mark Rippetoe.
My height 5’9"/175cm
My weight 165lb/75kg
My upper body strenth is average for a beginner I think but my legs are pretty weak.
Here my first two training days.

Squat 50kgx5x3
BenchPress 50kgx5x3
Deadlift 85kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Squat 55kgx5x3
Press 40kgx5x3
Deadlift 90kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Squat 60kgx5x3
BenchPress 55kgx5x3
Deadlift 90kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Squat 60kgx5, 60kgx5, 65kgx5
Press 40kgx5x3
Deadlift 60kgx5 (warm up), 80kgx3 (warm up), 95kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Can’t go to gym today, home work out
Lunges 10 reps each side
Goblet squat 20kgx5x3 (try to fix my squat form, very slow eccentric motion, one rep is about 6 to 10 seconds)
Push ups 10
(Diamond push ups 5 reps Chin ups 10kgx5) x3sets
Hip Thrusts 2x20
Dumbbell Swings 20kgx25x2

Squat 65kgx5x3
BenchPress 60kgx3, 60kgx4, 55kgx5, 55kgx5
Deadlift 100kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Squat 65kgx5, 65kgx5, 70kgx5
Press 40kgx5
Deadlift 100kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Squat 70kgx5x3
BenchPress 60kgx5x3
Deadlift 105kgx5
Pullups 5x3

Squat 75kgx5, 70kgx5, 70kgx5
Press 42,5kgx5x3
Deadlift 110kgx5 (Grip almost gave out)
Pullups 5x3 (Getting harder to pull my weight)

Squat 75kgx5x3
BenchPress 60kgx5, 60kgx5, 65kgx5
Deadlift 110kgx5
Pullups 5x3
Tough workout, weights feel too heavy. 5 hour sleep, couldn’t eat anything before workout