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Newbie Stack Usage

Hey y’all. I’m a total newbie to the site and sport and just wanted to know how long after starting lifting for the very first time would I want to wait before using any of the stacks available from Biotest specifically the gaining mass stack?

You can start supplementing right away. Just focus on the core supplements first, and make sure your diet and training are both sound. In order of priority: multivitamin, Whey protein (isolate is best), flax seed oil, creatine, glutamine, caffeine/epedra. Then, after a few months experiment with all of the other cool supplements. I really like ribose, but try anything that has science behind it, and has been around for a few months. Don’t be fooled (like I have) into waisting your money on the latest glamour supplement like HMB.

how old and how big are you?

Forget about using most nutritional supplements until you have been lifting weights for like at least 6 months to a year. The only supplements I would recommend for a beginner are those that increase the amount of quality proteins in your diet, along with a multi vitamin/mineral. For example, if I was a ‘personal trainer’ and you were my client, I would advise you to purchase either a meal replacement like Grow! or some protein powder like Advanced Protein. These would be perfect for increasing your intake of quality proteins. Then I would tell you to read the Diet Manifesto on this web site, which was written by Chris Shugart. If you could afford it, I would also tell you to purchase some Surge for post-workout nutrition. LATER, after training for a while, and reaching your ‘plateau’, I would say you could experiment with things like creatine, Androsol, Methoxy, Ribose-C, etc.

Hetyay225: I’m 36yo,6’4", 185 soakin’ wet after I walk away from a Chinese Buffet.

Usually I would say at least four years of good steady lifting using nothing other than a protein supp, but since you’re older I would say maybe two years. If you start using a lot of exotic supps before your really get to know your body, you never really get to know your body. And THAT’s what this sport is all about, not just getting big and ripped.

I’ve been lifting for a yr and only using whey but I keep seeing few results(I guess I want big results big time?)I want other supps.

Anyway,can someone advise me on it? Should I do as chardawg said? Few yrs experience first…I think the only supp I should add on since I am on tight budget(collegE) would be GRow MRP I saw in nutrition store nearby…

why is it we want results in short time? Is that bad? Should I be much more patient and determined?

I am 18 by the way.