Newbie - Squat Form Check

not parallel.

I agree with chris. You need to get a little lower

I would like to also add, your form will not break down until you get below parallel. Most people can keep their hips and thoracic spine tight when going to above parallel.

See what happens when you go down all the way.

lock each rep out at the top and dont be in such a rush for the next rep

  1. Get everything tight before you walk-out and again before you squat.
  2. Go down lower.
  3. Drive up harder, as though you’re hitting a 1rm.
  4. Lock out at the stop and readjust/get tight. This should only take 2 seconds, but you still gotta do it.

I think you might have to “sit back” more as well but I’m not really sure. You’re not getting to parallel so it’s kinda hard to tell.

  1. push the knees out
  2. need to pull the hips and glutes all the way though (thrust! thrust!!)
  3. need to be parallel
  4. not sitting back on your hamstrings
  5. chest falls forward at the bottom, keep the chest up and upper back tight