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Newbie Squat Fail, Form Check

This is a PR I have pulled off once before. Thought this was going up, then it didn’t.

275 pounds, a weak squat I know. But I’m working on it. Main reason for this post is to get some seasoned opinions on anything you might see as off that I would miss.

I stuck with it after the fail and did 225 x 5, 205 x 5, and 185 x 5. It think there might have been one or two build up sets too many. Did singles at 225, 235, 245, 255, and 265. Should probably have went 235, 255, then 275 I would imagine. Otherwise one of my better squat sessions, can’t wait for the next.

Thanks for looking.

Hey man il be happy to look if you upload it to YouTube or something. When you embed it on the website alot of time Mobiles won’t show it. Alot of people won’t be able to see your video. Upload to Youtube and then copy and paste URL here.

Yes sir, noticed that on my phone. Will post videos to the site with YouTube from here on out. Going to post another squat without a belt, where I didn’t fail. 215 I believe it was.

Hard to tell what is really going on here from the angle. In the 215 video you have a loose upper back but was light enough that it doesn’t matter. The one you failed looked pretty nice from what I can see. Hard to see where your breaking at first hips or knees but, as you defend you crank the elbows down, look tight, knees are out, weight def appears to be ln the heel and mid foot and you explode right up. All very good things. Now the on the reversal out of the hole you pop right up and look fine until you just fall back down. Your elbows do something weird and you lose all tightness and then immediately fall. How ever before this you looked like you literally just powered out and were going to hit it. Then you got to the sticking point and decided the shit was heavy and just gave up.

Oh and don’t call me sir I’m not much older than you most likely Reed, Dick Head, Fat Ass all that is acceptable lol not sir.

Thanks brother. Yeah I’m 35, mainly a newbie power lifter though. Most of my previous weight training was a bodybuilding style. Over the last year I got a itch to power lift. Been working on my form lately quite a bit, and want some experienced eyes to take a look. I will post some more videos in the next coming weeks as I work on it.

I think I got off balance with 275. I noticed the elbow going all funky in the video afterwards. If my partner was there to spot. I might of forced that rep. I didn’t want to get to the top and completely loose it is what I think happened. I loathe the thought of a injury.

What would you say the best angle is for a squat video? Side, front side, both?

Side or front side at Waist height and yeah lol I’m only 23.

I agree honestly you looked like you got scared essentially and when it started get real hard you just bailed technically speaking how ever I see little obvious reason why you just lost it out of now where.

I agree with Reed. It looks like you just dropped the weight because it felt heavy.

Why do you have your elbows flared out so much?

Alright so technically we’re not seeing anything too far off?
I will try to grind my reps out when they get tough. As far as my elbows flaring, that could be my long ass arms. 73 inch reach at 5’9.
I have brought my grip out recently maybe I should pull it back in some.