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Newbie Seeking Advice/Opinions


Hello everyone, this will be my first time posting here.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 83kg
Age: 19

I'm following Stronglifts 5x5, and here are the numbers for my lifts:

Squat - 90kg
Bench press - 62.5kg
Overhead Press - 42.5kg
Deadlift - 125kg

I lift 3-4x a week

I have just started lifting seriously for about half a year, prior to that i have been very inconsistent for about a year.

I understand that i need to just get stronger now, but i feel like i really do have too much fat on me. So i've just decided to take up the 'eat clean and lift heavy' mentality.

I'm not going to lie, i only have 2 meals a day because i usually wake up very late.
I get my protein from meat (beef, chicken or sometimes fish) and my carbs only from vegetables.

It looks like this most of the time:

Meal 1 (About afternoon)

Option 1: Eggs with vegies
Option 2: Chicken with vegies

Preworkout: 1 serving protein shake
Postworkout: 1 serving protein shake

If it matters, mines from ON.

Meal 2 (Dinner)

Steak or salmon with alot of broccoli and cauliflower

I only drink water or tea (no sugar) and i take 8 capsules of fish oil and a multi a day.
I've only been eating like this for about 2weeks, as i've just gotten back from vacation.

My question is, will continuining this help me reach my goals (lower bodyfat, stronger)?

Is there anything i should add/remove? Advice is greatly needed

I would say i have a long way to go but i am willing to learn :slight_smile:

Will post pics soon


you need to eat more. This is only a good diet if you live in ethiopia. I don't even think thats 1000cals I am guessing since you are 19 and you wake up late that you are in college. Go to bed earlier and eat another meal. If you don't get enough sleep all the eating and training isn't going to help you anyway.


Yeap, i'm in University. I make sure i get at least 8 hours sleep though, and i am already making it a habit to sleep early and waking early.

I've just checked with fitday, i found out i'm only eating around 1300kcals. I understand this is low, but out of curosity, will eating an extra meal and bringing up my calories aid in fat loss?


eating too few calories can lead to muscle loss. So while you may see a reduction in weight on the scale you won't be helping yourself at all. Depending on your workout routine/intensity you could probably eat around 2000-2400(2400 on workout days) cals with no problem.

Since it looks like you don't eat too many carbs from anything but veggies I would read the carb cycling article on the homepage. Thats a great way to lose fat while retaining or even gaining some muscle. Don't get caught up in the thought that eating very low calories will speed up fat loss or help you lose more fat. This can lead to hormone problems and slow down your metabolism.


Just out of curiosity when do you go to bed/wake up?? If you go to bed at midnight during the week then you would be waking up at 8am or if you want to sleep in you can wake up at 10am for 10hrs of sleep. Then you would have no problem getting in more meals.


This is extremely basic stuff:

Exercise increases metabolism

Food increases metabolism

Exercise more (preferably at least 5x/week...if you don't want to lift that often, do some HIIT once or twice a week on off days).

Eat more frequently and more calories (just enough to get your body "going again"). Work your way down (i.e. don't jump straight from eating 3000 cals to 1000, go gradually down).

I eat 6000-7000 cals a day, over 7-8 meals (yeh you heard that right lol). If I ate that amount when I first started I'd be a lard-ass...but because I've gradually added muscle, sped up my metabolism via eating a lot, I can diet on 3000 cals a day pretty comfortably now.


Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling:
I'll look up on carb cycling articles. The last few sentence has provided me with clarity, i'll start eating more now!

I make it a habit now to go to bed before 1am. And waking up 8-9hours after too. This would help me get an extra meal in :slightly_smiling:


I see. In that case i will add some HIIT during my rest days. And i'll try my best to eat (clean) more frequently too.

I realise i tend to do jump to really low calories. Eventhough i don't feel any hungrier, no doubt i'm recking my health.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


You're welcome :slight_smile:

To put it in perspective, the fattest people that I know of - all of them eat one or two meals a day (very little over-all calories and very infrequent eating). So even though they eat very little, every time they eat a little bit more (binge eat) it all goes towards fat storage (because of the body being in survival mode).

It may take a little period of "softness", but your muscles will feel fuller and your appetite will gradually increase. When gains come easy again in the gym, that's the point where you can start to decrease calories.

Yeh add in HIIT (there are MANY forms of exercises to do with HIIT...e.g. hill sprints, sled, rowing etc). If you were lifting more than 4x/week, I would have only recommend slow paced cardio because of the total weekly intensity/volume...but since training volume is low enough, HIIT is good for some off days. Slow paced cardio is good for very lean people (to preserve muscle as much as possible in the single digits and extreme calorie restriction)...but since you have decent fat to lose, HIIT fits the bill good (faster fat loss).