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Newbie Questions?


I have come to the very sad realization in the past five months or so that I have become incredibly fat and out of shape. I have decided to try and rectify this problem, however I would like alittle advice. I mostly want to lose the weight for the health aspects. Once I have my weight under control, I hope to start gaining strength and definition.

A little Background:
4 years of Highschool Wrestling
2 years of Collegiate Varsity Rowing
Mild knee and elbow injuries due to wrestling.
Herniated discs in my lower back due to Rowing

Physical Stats:
20 years old
260 Lbs.
30 %bf (Guessing)
Resting Heart Rate of 100

(I only have 185 lbs. of weight to work with so I go by Max Reps rather than Max Weight)
DeadLift 12 Reps at 185
Squat 10 Reps at 185
Bench 7 Reps at 185
As I have no spotter I stopped at these reps while I still felt comfortable.

Workout Plan Thoughts:
GPP via sprints, Burpees, Medicine Ball Work.
Then I will proceed with a very basic workout program like The Bear until I feel more comfortable lifting weights.
After that I will move on to either "Fat to Fire", "Meltdown Training", or "10 X 3 for Fat Loss".

Nutrtion wise I will be following the basic nutrition articles on the site.

My Questions are as follows.
1) Does that workout program look decently planned out?
2) Should I bother taking Supplements, such as Flameout, ZMA, Rez-V, and a MRP now or once I get into better shape?
3) Can anyone see a problem with the supplements that I have choosen as listed above? (I don't want to take any thermogenics.)
4) Does Rez-V have noticeable results or is it like Flameout and ZMA a general Health benefit Supplement?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



1) why wait pick a solid program and do it use loads that are comfortable (i hate the sound of that) but you should be doing a solid program based on compounds. Then sure add the GPP etc on extra days or as a workout. main thing be consistant do something.

And push the envelope if your not bringing some intensity to this why do it. Sure there is a chance for injury hell I could get injured eating dinner. Dont lol through the workouts.

2)Flameout, ZMA, Rez-V, and a MRP IMO all those you stated can be for general health so sure take them if you have the income. Id say the Flameout/Fish oils and a Low carb Protein Supp for sure and if you have the $$$ get the others.

3) nope look good. I kind of like the choice of No thermo. save them learn you can lose weight on your own then you can use them later as a tool if and when you want or use them when you hit a Plateau.

4)General health as far as I see it. I as of yet havent ordered any but should.

5) less thinking more doing. Nail a diet is #1 get active and be consistant and with intensity #2.


Are those old injuries or do they still plague you? You need to address those injuries when planning your routine. Can you squat, deadlift and row without experiencing disc pain? Too bad you don't have access to a reverse hyper, although you could always do bodyweight reverse hypers.

Alwyn Cosgrove gave a great presentation in L.A. this weekend about fat loss training. Basically, he presented research showing that dieting and cardio are both effective on their own, but when combined they aren't as synergistic with eachother as one would suppose.

If I were in your shoes, I'd stick to a strict diet high in protein, moderate in fats (especially healthy ones), and low in carbs.

I wouldn't do traditional cardio, but maybe a couple of H.I.I.T sessions each week.

I'd make goals for myself such as, bench press 225 for 10, squat 275 for 10 and deadlift 315 for 10 (assuming the disc injuries aren't bothering you). I'd make sure I also did a form of overhead pressing, bent-over or t-bar rows, a unilateral leg exercise like walking lunges or bulgarian squats, and chins and dips if you can do them, and I'd make sure I moved up in weight on those exercises as well.

Start working on moving toward your strength goals. This way, you will simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. You are a newbie, you will gain strength like never before. Enjoy this time!


Oddly enough the joint injuries plague me at the weirdest times. I will be doing something and the joint will feel stiff, and ache a bit. But if I go through a full range of motion slowly, I will hear some light cracking sounds and then have no problems. As far as my back is concerned, I can do Squats, Deadlifts no problem, however I can't do reverse hypers or supermans without aggravating it.

Any thoughts on why that might be?

Thanks for the replies.


Resting heart rate of 100.


I wouldn't worry about strength goals or supplements or anything else other than improving your general physical condition. It is ridiculous to think that HIIT and burpees are the best course of action for your present condition.

Start slow. See a doctor. Improve your diet. Then, and only THEN, would I move forward into a serious physically demanding exercise program.

People at 30% body fat should not be doing HIIT--IMO--. I would be interested to hear from an expert here. I know I've read some research that suggested the bodies capability of burning glucose/fat is not ready for high energy workouts with a heavy body fat percentage.


I agree with this 100 resting is for shit and Id hate to see even a walking pulse.

Get some GPP going even if its walking to start.


I'm no expert, but it makes sense to me that when you "hyperextend," the lumbar vertebrae might pinch the posterior portion of the intervertebral discs, which is causing you pain. With supermans, you are extending further than anatomical position, which is why the movement is called "hyperextension."

I would avoid performing these. On the contrary, I would think that reverse hypers would provide comfort for you, as long as you don't go too high. They are reputed to pull the intervertebral space apart and imbibe fluid into the discs. Strange.


Perhaps I was going to far with he reverse hypers, I will try them again and see what happens.

So my feeling so far, is that I should lose a little weight first from light aerobic activities and a basic resistance training.

Is that an accurate assessment or should I jump straight into one of the fat loss programs on the site?

Thanks for the replies.


This/these should be priority ONE.

Dr. apt. should be #2. Really. If nothing else you can get a blood panel workup so you have base numbers to judge improvement.

Light physical exercise. It's my opinion that you are higher than 30%bf. It is my opinion that resting heart rate of 100 is dangerous. Begin slow. This would be walking, knee bends, core rotations, light dumbells.

You don't need a 'fat-loss program' per se to start off. You are going to respond to basic dietary improvements and light exercise quite well. You should begin to feel and see results in a very short time.

Good luck. Stay positive.