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Newbie Questions

Im 19 years old basically a bodybuilding newbie. I have lost about 30 pounds in past 2 month’s just from walking up the same mountain daily. I weigh 180-185 at the moment. I got into lifting weight’s 3 week’s ago been doing a ton of curl’s and bench pressing with small amount’s of weight’s.

15 hexagon bells 25-30 rep’s 5-10 times daily ( to light?)
and 50 pound press 25-30 rep’s 5-10 times daily. To (Light)?
50 pound standing curls with curl bell 5-10 times daily.
Basically looking 4 new excerise’s to build new muscle’s.

Im very happy with my result’s for this short period of time, my biceps have gotten larger and my forearms seem wider. There isnt a jiggle anymore in my arm’s and I have gotten several compliments from people that I know but not well enough to know that I had been working out.

My friend’s seem to tell me to curl less rep’s with large amount of wieght to build muscle faster is this info correct? What are the benifet’s and downfalls of both strategies. What suppliment’s can I take to increase muscle but not make me fat if any of these exist. Do ankle and wrist weight’s work or they a waste of time?

What excerises can I do to build the muscle that Goldberg,Ston cold have above their shoulder’s, What can I do to build some pec’s because I still have somewhat small man boob’s. Also on my bisceps when I flex it seems all the muscle pops out on the inner side of my arm and very little on the outer side, is this normal and if not how can I change that.

Any good Video’s I can buy or bench press’s reccommended.

Expect me to be a longtime and active poster because I havent felt this good about myself in year’s.

Thanks for the help from anybody who helps. I will be greatly appreciated.

I’ll give you the advice everyone gives to all newbies - read the articles on the site.

Your biggest problem is that you’re not working your whole body - you can’t just work chest and biceps.

Everything you need to get started is right here:


Get reading!

Good luck dude

Yeah dude, doing fifty reps with that light weight is never going to stimulate any growth and your muscles will not grow doing this. You need compound movements such as bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press.

Since you are new choose a weight that you can safely to ten to twelve reps with for a few weeks month. After this time when you have trained and adapted your nerves to fire the muscles on these lifts gradually start increasing the weight until you are using weight that only allows you to hit six to eight reps. Do this for one year and if you eat right rest and recover you will be stronger.

Hopefully during this time you will have read the articles here on training and at that time you can start to add in some different slightly advanced programs over the basics you started with.

Read, learn, lift compound movements, eat plenty, rest, and grow.


[quote]Dedicated wrote:

Read, learn, lift compound movements, eat plenty, rest, and grow.


^^^Repeat this sentence to yourslef all the time^^^

Definetely start working on working the whole body. Push, pull, squat, deadlift, repeat.

By god I wish that grew a ton of muscle. By now id be huge been doing this rootine daily since I discovered masturbation over 20 years ago. Id be taking the crown from Ronnie :slight_smile:

Glad your lifting stick to it, but do as suggested read up get a solid program, more load better movements, work the whole body.

Get the basic Knowledge thorugh the reading put it to use and come back with any ?'s