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Newbie Questions

  1. Is “skim/Fat Free Plus (Skim milk w/ added protein)” A good PWO drink? Could Martin’s Whole Wheat Potato(?) Bread work as a PWO meal, or should it be coupled with tuna or turkey to make a sandwich?

  2. After I finish “Time Efficient Hypertrophy”, what are some other good programs to use?

  3. How can I reduce bodyfat with out minimal weight loss and eating the same?

The main thing you are going to hear is to eat more and get big, then worry about losing fat. Eat big, lift big, get big.

  1. will it work yes, optimal no. But good. The bread and skim milk would work yes. if not having the protien from the milk then yes you should have Tuna or turkey or meat. Whole food should be the staple not The supplement.

  2. Plenty of them look in the article section under training. Evryone is good and every individual has thier opinion. Choose one that fits your goals and catches your attention.

  3. Not sure what are you doing now. What is the main goal to be Ripped or add LBM. If addiong LBM, you must eat. this dioesnt mean you have to become Obezse but yes you will have to carry some extra BF.