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Newbie Questions


Hi guys I love this site it is great source of info

I have been researching steroids for sometime and I need help before I start:

How long from taking your first shot of cypionate does it take for the effects of muscle mass to start showing?

Also how much wait should I put on using 3 10ml bottles over 12 months at 500mg's a week?

Also using equipoise at 400mg's a week for 12 weeks.


Also I have read the newbie thread, but if you could just help me with those 2 particular questions that would be great thanks in advance


Age, stats?


Are my age and stats important just to answer those 2 questions?






Toddwood hugh?

Nope-nope not today



Ok I am?:

180 lbs
22 years old
and 16% BF
training for 6 years


Some would say that you have plenty natural progress to make before a steroid cycle is warranted.

Have you read through the stickys?


It's quite impossible to answer questions like those unless we know everything about your genetic potential, work ethic, food intake, quality of gear, etc., etc. Even then, it would only be an educated guess.

Wait until you're ready and find out how you respond yourself.


You're not much taller than me. I'm 5'11". Try getting to 200ish lbs at around 10%BF. That's my goal, and I'm sticking with it. After that, all bets are off and I'll consider using AAS.


That it is.

You obviously haven't been reading that much. How hard are you willing to work? How much are you eating?

Rather silly question. What is the dosage? As a first cycle, I'd almost say stick to something a bit more "tame".

What do you mean by "how much SHOULD I"? How much do you WANT to?

I personally don't think you are ready for AAS use.