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Newbie Question


Can I work out everyday? If I do how many exersices should I do per muscle group ie: arms


Why the fuck are you asking this question in the beginner section under the title of "newbie" but were in the steroid section asking about Test Suspension times after you pin?


Yes, but totally unecessary


Because I want advice from yall obivously what I'm doing isn't working! And the test suspension question is also for advice knowledge is power


And also I was taking the test cause I have low test I'm not a body builder


You can work out as much as you want, doesn't mean it will do you any good.

Do you have any goals? Is there any particular reason you want to workout any day?


Okay, but...

^This is the kind of thing you should've figured out before you started cycling (not TRT, but cycling) back in 2013.

You can workout every day. You can even train full body every day. The question is, do you need to, depending on your goals and current conditioning.

Asking how many exercises you should do is like asking how much fat you should eat. It's just one factor that you're trying to look at irrespective of a lot of legitimate variables. So, I'll give a broad answer: 2-4. You should definitely do 2-4 exercises per bodypart.

  1. A huge, huge factor is compliance to a program. Sometimes there's good compliance because the lifter believes in the coach if he has one. Sometimes there's good compliance because the lifter is a determined, stubborn SOB and is going to see through his plan no matter what it is, suited to him or not.

Often neither of these is the case and whether compliance is good depends on what suits the person.

Does it suit you to train every day or let's say 6 days a week? Does it really suit you for all these to be whole body? If yes, then especially at a beginner level then maybe that's what you should do because it can work. (It's not the best way for mass gain for an advanced lifter.)

If you'd be better dedicated to a different program then that alone would be reason to do this program.

If not considering compliance, in general 3x/week training for a bodypart is as often as suited for a beginner or intermediate.

  1. Number of exercises is not as important as amount of work done. If you do 2 sets of one biceps, one triceps exercise 6 days per week, or 5 sets each three times per week, that could be plenty despite being only two exercises for arms. I am assuming you will be doing back, chest, and shoulder work which also works the arms.