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Newbie Question: Knees Buckling


This is probably a stupid question, that said I don't mind looking stupid if I learn from it. here it is.

Just got back into lifting, only two months of steady gym time now and tonight I decided to get closer to my max on bb squat. I was doing doubles, which I have never done before. The problem is I just tried to walk up my stairs and my knees literally buckled, really caught me off guard. Is this more than likely due to never using my nervous system to that extent or am I broken beyond repair?


Never utter this sentence again, please. It makes zero sense.

You're just tired. Eat and recover and do more work next session. It's called progression.


You're fine. I love leg days like that where it's tough to walk up stairs after.


It means you had your first good leg workout. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.




Hell ya, thats all I needed to hear. Thanks for the input


Make sure to do knee, hip flexor, and lower back strengthening exercises. Right now everyone is right and its probably just buckling but excessive training of the larger leg muscles without working the smaller ones will result in injury.

Those spread eagle machines that girls use because they think it works the thighs actually work the hip flexors. Set it to a heavy weight and do a few, you'll feel it. Other exercises include stability work on things like bosu balls and leg press on a machine press. Focus on both bosu ball exercises and machine press at keeping your knees straight not in 'man sitting form'.

After I injured myself these are some of the things the PT had me do and it works. Not saying you should be worried, but wish I knew this stuff before overdoing it and injuring myself. It started with my knees buckling.


Congratulations man! You just had your very first(real) workout!