Newbie question about T Dawg

I am going to start the T Dawg Diet this week. Do i need to use nandro/andro whle on this deit. Before i got married i basically followed a regimen much like the T Dawg, unknowingly, as in all protein few carbs. since marriage, i can not eat a meal with out shoveling in a helping of beans or peas. I followed a popular “12 week” program for about 6 months. it worked to start with but now i am not seeing any results in fat lose. I started out at 6’0, 250lbs and am currently 212lbs. i ask this question because i want to lose fat but i really do not want to sacrifice what little muscle i have. i am using MD6, CLA (yea i was heart broke after reading the current article), 7 Keto Fuel, and Simply Protein. Any help would be greatly appreciated