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Newbie Question About Supplements


I am 37 years old and have been lifting off and on for the last ten years. Since finding this forum, my gains have improved dramatically. My sincere thanks to everyone that contributes to this forum.

That said, I am about 15-20 pounds heavier than I care to be. Simply put, my goals are to replace the fat with muscle and get stronger doing it - by September (I hope I do not need to do the Alpo diet).

My current routine is three days a week and focused on compund lifts - snatch, cleans, squats (F&B), deads, chins, standing presses, bench press, rows, etc. Heavy weights with low to moderate reps. My cardio is limited to walking the hound about three miles a day.

One of the questions that I have is what types of supplements should I be taking? I read about protein powder, creatine, fish oil capsules, flax seeds, etc and I have to admit that I find it rather confusing. In short, I am curious what you guys have found that works and what you would recommend for my goals.

Thanks in advance for the time and effort.

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Well all that you listed are good and most being staples and really food in some cases and not supps. Protein powder Like Metabolic Drive and Fish oils for example.

Other than that depends on your goals. Id give a long hard look at the HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19 in your case. Dependent on how overfat you are either would fit the bill plus those you stated hard training and a good diet.

I should add that I am not afraid to read. if anyone can point me to previous posts or articles.

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In order of importance, what you should use.

  1. Flameout
  2. ZMA
  3. Metabolic drive.

Since your 37, I would hold up on any other supps. Why? I would get some bloodwork done first, find out where your test/estrodial levels are at. Then go from there. Maybe Alpha Male would be a good choice. Maybe Carbolin 19.

Check this out bro, everybody’s gonna give you a different answer but I was always taught to start with the basics:
1.A good multi vitamin/mineral
2.A good protein powder, usually Whey
You’ve got to have these two number one in my opinion. Then you can throw in some creatine and your fat burners. Looks like you could definetly use some more intense cardio than the dog walking.