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Newbie Q's, T injections - T Oil Leaking Back Out?

Yes, I am new.
Yes, I should search for the answer first.
But I just have one quick question.

I just started injecting .3 ml of t into my stomach with a 5/8 25 gauge needle twice a week at home. I am the first person the doc is letting do this.

My question is, when a little bit of “blood” comes out of the injection site after I remove the needle, is this the t oil coming back out? Because I don’t want any of it to come back out. If it’s just blood, no biggie. But if it is any of the t oil, how do I keep it all in?

You shouldn’t get a little blood each time. Make sure to punch and get in the fat since it sounds like you are doing sub Q and relax your muscle. A little blood happens sometimes but it shouldn’t leak your T.

This mornings was the first one. I did go in a little slow as I pressed the needle into my stomach. I will push it in more rapidly next time. I just don’t want to lose anything I am injecting in, I want all of it in me.

Try a much finer needle. 29g works great. I use insulin syringes and never lose a drop

My doctor told me the “pull” to get the t oil into a diabetic syringe was too hard to do. Plus the video i watch here on t-natiion said to use the 5/8 25 gauge needle:

I just want to do it the smartest way, whichever way that ends up being.

It’s not too hard, the load time is just slow. I invert the syringe and vial and walk away while it loads. Usually takes about 5 minutes for it to load.

Yup. I just hang the vial with the syringe and go do something else. I load two at a time. Piece of cake

Is it bad to fill the syringe with air first, push that air into the bottle to create pressure, so that loading the syringe is quicker?

Plus, are the diabetic/insulin needles too short? Does the needle length matter?

Lol. It’s not just important, it’s standard protocol to push the volume of air into the vial prior to drawing up the solution. The insulin syringe was developed for the sole purpose of sq injections. How could it be too short? Been doing it twice a week for 7 months. My TT and FT levels are above what you’d expect for my dose of T. I’ve not had one injection hurt. No post injection p

Boom. Thank you guys. I think I got this understood. My doc gave me no advice since I am the first one doing sub q with him. I see some tips I am going to try.

You definitely need to inject air into the vial first. This createas a positive pressure and helps the draw. If you don’t you create a negative pressure by drawing out liquid and not replacing anything. Makes it hard to draw out.

Use #29 1/2" 0.5ml - NOT 1.0ml [1.0ml will be longer injection times]

Pinch up skin and fat and inject laterally into the end of the fold of tissue, needle is not going towards muscle layer. Do not inject below your navel. Can do same over upper leg as well and go with whatever works best for you. Can be quite different.

After injecting, press finger to apply pressure to injection point and on path of needle through your tissues. Hold for 10 seconds and fine vessels that were cut will seal off and bleeding will be stopped or greatly reduced and bleed-bruising as well.

Thanks guys. I am going to get some different syringes too. Wish my doc would have shown me more and gave me more advice. I just winged it this morning.

That’s correct and preloading the vial with air first is loading 101. You want to equal out the pressure/volume. No, insulin syringes are not too short. I don’t worry about IM or sub-q personally. I just inject with insulin syringes right into my delts.

Hostile is a savage! I’m a weenie…no delts for me!

I inject into my delts because I’m a weenie. I hardly feel anything if ever in my delts.

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If your doing sub-Q, I found that following what KSMAN said to be perfect. Another thing that I do is actually leaving the needle in place for about 5 seconds after the injection, then immediately applying pressure to the site for 20 seconds or so. Never had leakage or any blood for that matter.

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This morning went better. I injected quicker. I applied pressure with the wipe afterwards for 10 secs. No blood/leakage this time. I also have new needles on the way.

Wait a minute… Are you guys saying the syringe will self load if I can somehow prop the vial upside down with the needle/syringe in it?
Loading the 29g 1/2 needles is hard in my opinion without getting a bunch of air bubbles. The injections are a lot easier and pain free with them though.

I am on two months now of using these diabetic syringes.

I pump two syringes of air in the vile.

I flip upside-down and it is a slow draw. I have to hold it the entire time. I over fill the syringe, then inject the extra and bubbles at the same time back into the vile. I never have any bubbles left in the syringe. Takes about 1 to 2 minutes. I don’t mind. Love the 1/2 inch diabetic syringe, don’t even feel it.