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Newbie Progress W/ Pic


Been training a year with weights and added about 20 pounds. but lately I see no progress in weight or strength. I?m eating 4500 cals/day and I dont see how I can eat more.

I train 2 days/week fullbodyworkout and the following exercises:


I do 5*5 on each exercise and rest is 90 sec. after the deadlift I rest about 15 min before squating.

First pic is jun2004 and second pic is aug2005

Any suggestions or comments? Should I split and train different bodyparts? And any tips of how I can increase my appetite? The most difficult part is eating.

I want to gain another 20-30 pounds and I dont care much of bodyfat. How much do I have to eat?





Well, I guess you had better find a way. You ahve made decent progress, but the bigger you get, the more food it takes to make more gains.


thanks for the answer, do you think taking v b12 is going to help? or can I just drink olive oil every day to get another 1000 cals down? or does it have to be solid food?



What does Vitamin B12 have to do with caloric intake? I am not cool with the idea of people trying to drink 1,000cals a day from Olive Oil. Yes, you COULD do that, but the act itself seems near retarded and it does not prepare you for actually needing even more food in the future.

Being able to tolerate greater amounts is something you build up to. No one goes from some skinny guy who can only eat 2,000cals a day without choking to downing 5,000cals a day instantly. I would work on getting those calories from real food. I would also not worry about whether every single meal was "clean" as long as your overall food intake wasn't crappy and you had a decent understanding of what foods actually provides some kind of benefit. Cookies don't do anything good for you.


Your physique looks really good, kind of what I am going for currently... nice job! And I'd say go for food, not olive oil. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hej, Trevligt att traffas,

Easy way to eat more is just get up in the middle of the night and eat, besides your normal daily intake.


okey thanks, I thought the V B12 helped with the appetite. Its hard to eat when you dont feel any hunger. I eat about 3500 cals from tuna, chicken, eggs,almonds, oatmeal,fish, meat,milk, rice, pasta, fruits, juice and I fill up with icecream and candy so I get around 4500 cals.... I hope it gets easyer to eat more with time like you say.



thanks! for me the training is the easy part... I never thougt one has to eat this much to gain muscle....


Tja! desamma =)

Okey I?l think I try that!




Dog food wouldn't be crap food,now would it X?


Dude, drop the ice cream/candy and dump 4 scoops of some protein/carb shake in some whole milk. Also try a cup of 4% cottage cheese right before you brush your teeth and sleep for the night. Just those two 'snacks' should bump you to 5k or so.


Dog food is strictly for cheat meals...and holidays.


"it tastes like it smells...delicious!"


my advice, and keep in mind im a newb
would be to change your routine some how... like have you been doing the same rep ranges same rest same exersizes same sets for a whole year? if you have your stagnating bad so change something up and you will see gains again


You're training only two days a week with weights... is that because you are doing Muay Thai training?

You're probably burning up a whole hell of a load of calories with that amount of "cardio" work. You could start chugging down a meal replacement shake a couple of times a day on top of what you are eating to get some extra cals.

You made some good gains, nice work up to now...

By the way I love the pic where you are in your Muay Thai gear and have climbed out of a wheelchair to strike a guard pose - it looks badass!
Did you injure yourself doing Muay Thai?


Looks like a motor bike crash judging by the bruises on his palms and elbows.

Anyways, I'd say, eat more as X said and also change up your routine a little. You should change your routine every 4 - 6 weeks. (Note: change routine means one or more of: reps, sets, weight, order, etc)


WHAT on the earthly fuck do you mean? Calories are calories, if you wanna grow, make friends with them. If you're out and about and someone has a box of cookies and offers them to you, take them.

Professor, I kindly ask for you to explain this statement.


Thanks for the advice everyone,

I dont compete anymore in muay thai since I got injuered 2 years ago. After the incident I did one year rehab and then one year with weights. I still train a little muay thai but not in a competing level anymore.
I feel two day/week with weights is okey. I train very hard when I?m in the gym. But as you said maybe its time to change the traing abit.

I dont think my muay thai training is affecting my gains because I dont train in the same level as before. Now its just for fun.

belive it or not I got injured during an incident with the mexican police. they broke my leg and arm, in the picture also my left arm is broken.

Btw, Im from sweden but I live in Mexico.



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