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Newbie Program?

Howdy. First off I’d like to say that although initially it was mildly intimidating to the newbie, this website rocks. I read the beginner post and a few of the archives, though some seems a bit too advanced for me (now at least). I had been having some problems which made me lose a significant amount of weight (5’8" and 135), and although I have bounced back slightly, the damage has been done. I have started a new program already, and it goes a little something like this:

Bench Press
Bent Over Rows
Shoulder Press
Lat Pulldowns
Squats (really low weight, but I’m doin them “ass to grass” as they say)
Hamstring Curls (prone)
Lateral Shoulder Raises (my shoulders are sickeningly weak, by far the weakest)
Weighted Cable Crunches
Back Hyperextensions

I do 4x12 of everything, and though from what I see on the website that seems a bit too high, I am seeing and feeling a bit of a difference. I work full time and go to school part time, so I do half the exercises on Saturday and half on Sunday (I do a push-pull routine)

I guess I just wanted to ask if that seemed solid or if I was leaving out some fundamental things which would make a difference.

Also, I used to be able to see my ribs all the way across my front side, but since I’ve started working out, the middle part I can no longer see. But on the sides I can still see them quite well, and to be truthful, I hate it with a bitter passion. Is there anything I’m missing in my routine that would help me get rid of this, or is it something that would progress with time? I know rotations would improve my obliques, but do they attach up that far, or is that another muscle?

Once again, thanks for helping me out, and this website rocks.


P.S. I try and eat as much as possible, but my appetite still SUCKS. But I do shove the food down my piehole more than I used to. I’ve been soda-free for 3 months, and am cutting down on the McDonalds.

There’s a number of programs within this site. Like you said your workout is relatively big, however how many times do you do this workout?

Personally i just started the total body routine written by Chad Waterbury, its pretty good and a great sweat.

With respect to your stomach that is mostly a direct result of your eating habits.

Good Luck

In regards to the ribs, what are you missing?

Also, try to get a third day in the gym.

It will all come in time, just keep reading and learning more.