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Newbie PLEASE HELP, Sorry!

Hey everyone. I am extremely new to this site and need some specific information from some pros. There seems to be plenty of the around so give a T-brother some help.
A little history…
I am 21, and have lifted for about 7 years. I was in the Marine ROTC at Auburn where I messed my knee up pretty badly. Long story short I got big into whiskey and quit any kind of physical activity. Alright so, fast forward. Since mid January I have been a man on a mission. My diet is super clean, and I am lifting more than I ever have. So far I have lost about 20lbs of fat. So I have the training and diet down. Now I want the supplementation to fall into place. Any recommendations? I am 6ft even 233 lbs at about 18%BF. I want to lean out while maintaining if not adding a small amount of LBM. I am looking at Alpha Male and some other supplements any help would be MOST appreciated.
Did I mention I am getting married to a wonderful girl in 55 days?

Check out the Velocity Diet.

HOT-ROX is the main supplement that you should consider if your diet is really in order.

War Eagle