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Newbie Plan, Need Help.


Hello, i'm Avi from israel,I weigh 115 Kg's and am 1.88 meters tall. training for a few months, and would like help optimising my nutrition plan/excersize plan.

Excesize plan
Day excersize Sets reps rest
sunday Deadlift 3 6 60 sec's. 80 Kg.(30 each side)
Pull up 4 5 90 sec's.
Dips 3 5 90 sec's.
Handstand pushups 3 3 90 sec's.

monday Karate practice 2 hours

Tuesday Front Squat 3 5 120 sec's.
ChinUp 5 8 60 sec's
Back Lunges 4 10 30 sec's.
Dumbell Benchpress 3 10 25 Kg dumbells, 60 sec's rest.

wednesday : rest
thursday : Karate practice 2 hours.
Friday : Handstand pushups, 4 3 90 sec's.
pullups 5 5 90 sec's
Dips 4 5 90 sec's (with a backpack, about 10-15 kg's)
Lunges 5 5 90 sec's (each set alternating, back lunges, forward and sides).

My nutrition plan is somethign like this :
6.30 AM Breakfast - omlette from 3 eggs + cottage cheese + salad from tomato, carrot, lettuce, some cheese and olive oil).
9:15 Snack, an avocado sandwich.

12:45 lunch, Fish, pasta and a salad.

16:00 rice, beef, a soup

19:00 bread with tuna (pw meal).
22:00 cottage cheese.

thanks in advance for help/


Just realised i forgot to mention my goals :

Fatloss and becoming a better karatist...
Problem is that only becoming a better karatist is achieved, no fatloss has occured, infact while losign 10 kg, i look fatter.
sorry for double.


OK, so what you're doing isn't really working for your body comp goal. Are you trying to move down to a lower weight class? If not you might be better off making getting stronger your main focus. Set some basic goals like maybe a 180 kg deadlift and 140 kg front squat.

Your diet looks decent but if you've got trouble with fat try moving most of your carbs to either breakfast or after karate or lifting. You could also add some nuts for healthy fats and snack on fruit between meals. I'm not the best guy to give advice here, though, as I'm naturally ridiculously skinny.


I'm trying to get below 100 KG (note i that body comp means more, but i need to be below 100 KG to get into a certain army unit i to be in.)