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Newbie on Week 5 of Test/Deca


Well I have been a lurker here for a little while... didnt want to seem to ignorant and ask to many stupid questions... But I wanted to say thank you for all the great information!

About me: I have always been the skinny kid when I was young, no matter how much working out I did I hardly saw any gains, high school I was a twigly 135 (and I am 6'1!!!) :frowning: after that I was between 150-165... now when I hit 30 I went to 170, and not much of it was muscle, but now after 5 weeks of working out, and just starting a cycle of test/deca I am 185... still slim though... but things are going in the right places and getting bigger.. :wink: woohoo!

My cycle so far:
week 1-6 400mg test/200mg deca
week 7-12 600mg test/300mg deca <---- starting this next week ---
week 13-18 700mg test/350deca
week 19-24 600mg test/300mg deca
week 25-32 400mg test/200mg deca
week 32-36 250mg test/125 deca

My workout is 3-4 sets with 8 reps with a 90 second rest between sets... I try to only work out 2-3 areas of the body at a time and not opposing muscles... (so triceps are not the same day as biceps etc...) Depending on how I feel I try to work out 4 days in a row with 1 day rest, one day work out, then rest one day, then work out 4 days in a row... on the 3rd week rest 4 days... then cycle that again...

So far I have noticed myself lifting twice the amount of weight since I began (6 weeks but only 5 weeks on AS)... any modifications to maximize bulk? I sleep enough (9-11hrs) and eat quite a bit, plus take multivitamins & somesorta stem cell growth pill & anti oxident..

Well my question is on this cycle, how long should I wait till I start the next one? If I only do one cycle, how much of what I have gained will I lose if I only work out without any help from test or deca?

Well thats all I can think of for now... thanks in advance for your help!



An example of the sensible use of steroids.

An example of why steroids are illegal (without a doctors prescription).


Yeah, I'm not very informed when it comes to 'roids... but I do know that a 36 week cycle is too long.


Dude.. did I just read this right?? are you saying you've only been lifting for 6 weeks total and you've been sauced for the last 5 of them??? as in you pounded the iron for a whole week before you began a 36 f*&king week cycle??


Man, maybe I am not the most credible person to say this (since I have never juiced) but you are going to have no testicles by the time you are finished with this... Typical cycles are 12 weeks long, and most will say you shouldn't do more than two cycles a year.... I wonder what will happen to your endocrine system whilst on this, 35 weeks is a long time to be suppressed for :slight_smile:


You mention at the beginning of your post that you have lurked for some time and got some great information, yet you seem to have missed the often stated guideline that one should have a substantial training history devoid of AAS use (measured in years, certainly not days) prior to initiating a first cycle. What is it that you are trying to achieve with this ridiculous approach?

I hope that this is some sort of bullshit joke. Otherwise you deserve whatever damage you inflict upon yourself.


What great information? You don't seem to have learned anything from this forum. You should've asked more questions. This is an absolutely idiotic cycle. It's unfortunate that you're not only harming yourself (your own fault), but possibly harming other "newbies" that read your post and don't know any better.


troll .....

if i have ever seen one.....

either that.....or someone in deep trouble.....

in any case.....good luck



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OUCH, judging by this cycle and lack of PCT this guy may never endogenously produce test again.


I'm sorry man but this hast to be the worst put together cycle I have ever seen or read about. You obviously couldn't have gotten any information for your cycle from this site. You must envy those other guys who get nothing but negative feedback (actually this is the best feedback for you to get) from their threads because thats all your going to get from this one. I really hope you don't plan on continuing this cycle past 12 weeks. And you need to do some sort of research on pct because you sure as hell haven't done any this far. I could go on and on but I think all the other guys have covered the rest.

If you continue this cycle... prepare to become a girl (tits and all).


Well okie dokey... I apprecate the info and the flaming, I take the criticism to heart... I guess I need to have a serious talk with they guy I got this stuff from...

Anywho, what would be your recommendation for a cycle... sorry if I came into this sounding like a troll... I don't mean to make any waves...



My best resommendation would be to scroll down in this forum and hit the steroid newbie thread.


Don't take roids yet. You're not ready. Get a few years (like at least 5) of good training, diet, and supplementation under your belt, and read up on steroid use (don't take the word of a friend or your dealer, find the info yourself) in the meantime, and THEN consider juicing.


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Well per everyones recomendations and flames.. I am going to wind down the cycle to a stop in a couple weeks and let everything go back to normal, just do the workout routine as I have been doing. Cost for the bottles of deca/test was $330... it doesnt seem so much since now it's a year + supply when (if) I do start up again. (how long can they be stored btw?)

Thanks again for the flames!

mr-epic <---- almost ms-epic :wink:


Bump what BBB says. I think dealers like that should be treated just like scammers - strung up by their nuts in Buzzard country.


Hey man I'm glad your actually understanding what we are telling you. I was worried there for a little bit. Even though you are winding down your cycle because you took in the constructive critisism, you still have to plan out your pct (post cycle therapy). 3-4 weeks after your last deca inj. start some up some clomid:

100 mg ed ; first week
50 mg ed ; second week
50 mg ed ; third week

Try to be a lot smarter next time.



Thank you for that info! I will definately have some on hand... :slightly_smiling:



You should get an award for following the worst advice ever. 36 weeks??? after one week of training??? follow the advice above and good luck.
Your source should be caned in public bare ass and all...