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Newbie on TRT Needs Opinions

Hello people. As it says i’ve just started TRT six months back due to hypergonadism. First went to the doctors two years ago with all the symptoms of low test. After convincing him to do my bloods,which wasn’t easy,I came back as 12.8 in a range of 10-30 i believe. He basically said I was in range and to go away!! A year later,chubbier and more down with even less desire to have sex with my wife I asked a different doctor for another test. This time came back as 11!

After much discussion and convincing him I finally got help in the form of Sustanon 250 once per week,HOORAY! I should mention I did use steroids in my early 20’s (now 39)and I think a lack of PCT and ignorance has got me where I am today. Anyways one month into TRT I was finding that my injections were still painful and reserched that the propianate was probably to blame so i’m now on test-E. Fabulous stuff and no more pain. After more bloods last week my doc tells me my test levels are 49 (scale of 10-30)and he suggests every ten to fourteen days injection now,starting at ten to see how it goes for a month.

He also said my free test level was 400??!! maximum should be 70!! This is the thing that concerns me.Only side effects i’ve had is night sweats first two months and a little water retention around the sock band/ankle, nut shrinkage which doesn’t bother me and little back spots and slightly greasier skin. I’ve tried sub-q injections 0.5cc and it stings like a mother and left me with a big belly lump for a month!!

Muscle mass has been sustained and b.f.is down. Morning wood is good 3x a week on average and the wife now walks like John Wayne at least twice a week HAHA! Anyway thats me and happy to join,Cheers.

Please read these stickies: [forum has lost the symbols for the stickies]

  • advice for new guys
    – understand T+AI+hCG
  • thyroid basics
    – check body temps and eval your long term intake of iodized salt
  • protocol for injections
    – self inject T twice a week!!
    – use insulin syringes
    – Test cyp or eth is bogus when injecting once a week

post labs in list style with ranges!

Try SC on tops of legs, some do OK that way and get belly lumps
Press on injection site after injecting for 10-15 seconds to get blood vessels to seal off
Try IM with insulin needles into vastus lateralis

Standard suggested protocol, adjust after labs:
100mg T cyp.eth per week in divided doses
1.0 mg anastrozole per week in divided doses - understand “anastrozole over-responder” adjust based on labs
250iu hCG EOD

Try 50mg T eth twice per week
0.5 mg anastrozole at that time

You need steady hormone levels.

You need to monitor:

Thanks KS. Will check the stickies. Cheers.