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Newbie on TRT - Help with Side Effects

First post, although I’ve been reading an learning for weeks now. Doc put me on TRT yesterday for low T (40 year old male at 270 total test). He prescribed the following:

  1. 200 mg of test cyp per week (brreaking it up into two doses sub q)
  2. Clomid (50 mg) daily - wife and I are trying to have a baby so fertility was discussed prior
  3. 250 mg HCG EOD
    I injected the test cyp last night subq. All went well. Raging boner all night and morning. Then took the Clomid at about 9am and it calmed things down (erection). Been having a mild headache all day, hot flashes with a raised temperature of 99.2 on and off and mild anxiety. Haven’t taken the HCG yet since it won’t be here until tomorrow. Not sure if my estrogen is out of wack or if I should give my body a few days to adjust since this is all new to me? Not feeling too hot and would love to hear from the veterans. Thanks in advance for any help! Debating if I need to lower my dosages. Thought he started a bit high compared to the recommendations on the sticky.

Here are complete results:
Free T: 67
Bio Available: 135
Total: 277
Sex hormone binding: 13
Prolactin: 6.2
Fsh: 3.2
Lh: 2.3
Tsh: 1.2
Estradiol: 16

Thx again!

A doctor prescribed you exogenous testosterone AND clomid together to aid fertility… (face palm)

Firstly, the T is going to shut down your testies but the hcg will keep them going I suppose, clomid is useless in this stack, if fertility is your main priority then chose clomid or hcg not both def not T. As far as side effects don’t read too much into it it takes roughly 6 weeks before T really starts working and until then you will experience a rollercoaster ride of hormone until they settle down to a new baseline. Also 200mg T is a mini cycle unnecessary unless you have super high SHBG.

The main purpose of the Prescription was to raise low T and help with low T symptoms. However, since we are trying to have another baby, we wanted to make sure that fertility is maintained; hence the Clomid per the doctor. I’m thinking about lowering my testosterone injections to 50 mg twice a week and talk to the doc about the chlomid. I couldn’t figure out why he prescribed chlomid and HCG? Hopefully that will help with some of the symptoms and roller coaster hormones. Will have my first dose of HCG tomorrow. Hope it doesn’t add fuel to the fire. Not loving that part.

Does the chlomid also act as an estrogen blocker? Does it make sense to take chlomid and HCG with trt to maintain fertility? Thank you!

Not it doesn’t, T will shutdown the feedback loop that sends signal to testies to produce sperm. If you use hcg with the T it can help to keep the testies producing sperm all the while using T to keep you feeling good. Clomid however only works on an active HPTA feedback loop.
Option 1: T and Hcg
Option 2: Clomid only
Those are the only combinations that work, clomid won’t cause any extra side effect but also no value added so waste of money. Rather than clomid he could prescribe FSH with Hcg that may increase fertility.

You’re on the wrong type of TRT protocol given your SHBG level, SHBG is very low so frequent injection EOD or everyday is needed. SHBG that low you shouldn’t be shooting for anything higher than 450 Total T or you will see insane estrogen levels as well as free estrogen.

Your doctor has no idea what he’s doing, it’s time to find a specialist that deals in hormones.

Clomid dose is insane! The majority of men who take Clomid feel horrible on it, it is not a drug that makes you feel good, it is a drug used to restart the HPTA so you don’t need TRT. If HCG isn’t enough for fertility then adding FSH to a TRT protocol is a game-changer for sperm production.

Thanks for the feedback! What would be the recommended protocol?

8-12mg everyday which is closer to what men produce naturally everyday, this protocol should have the least side effects. HCG will may cause problems for you do to estrogen conversion, some men just don’t tolerate it very well.

You can inject your doses using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and outer thighs, no need to use those harpoons doctors tend to prescribe.

Thanks for the reply. That’s a lot of frequency and holes. I thought that doing subq helps with steadier test levels and less aromatization? Not doing HCG and not keeping up fertility is not really an option. Wouldn’t it make more sense adding an AI IF E2 levels get too high?

I like option 2. It should raise your t and keep you very fertile. Especially if you are trying to have a baby within 6 months.

You are trying to have a baby. Why add all these chemicals to possibly affect your sperm quality.

In fact if you are trying to have baby try for a few months then take clomid if it didn’t work. Unless you have already been trying.

And take a sperm analysis to get a baseline.

Listen to systemlord. He’s correct here.

Those large amounts of test youre shooting will get dumped fast by your body and a good amount will aromatize into e2.

Your DR probably isn’t very in tune with TRT. I’d start with and eod protocol and see if it works. Something like 20mg EOD. Then assess bloods after 6-8 weeks. You then may need to go ED protocol.

I do 20mg EOD using 30gauge 1/2 inches insulin syringes into outter quad, and now shoulders. Piece of cake.

Makes sense. What about dosage for HCG? 250 EOD? I haven’t taken to chlomid today and I feel MUCH better.

An HCG dosage of 250 EOD is a solid starting point.