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Newbie on TRT, Feeling Lightheaded and Foggy After Injection


I know different labs have different ranges, but I don’t think that number is crazy high. Check it next time you get labs. I’d consider adding DHEA.


Increased levels of GH and IGF-1 are normal during puberty and pregnancy but otherwise are most frequently due to pituitary tumors (usually benign). Elevated levels of IGF-1 usually indicate an increased production of GH. GH levels vary throughout the day, IGF-1 levels are a reflection of average GH production, not of the actual amount of GH in the blood at the time that the sample for the IGF-1 measurement was taken.

Regarding the antibodies, does your throat seems itchy and scratchy? I just found out yesterday I have Hashimoto’s Disease do to high antibodies and also high rT3, that itchiness and scratchiness was thought to be caused by my dry cough. Been unable to shake this cough for 6 months, immune system is too busy attacking my thyroid to fight this cough.

DHEA is on the low end.

An elevated MCV is also associated with alcoholism.

I also have a Defy consult appointment in the coming weeks.


No so much scratchy/itchy throat however when I shave my neck where thyroid is, I can feel razor going over something inflamed/swollen. Have also felt symptoms of hypothyroidism (sluggish, tired, moody, etc).

I may have 1-2 drink a week - never been a big drinker (more social).

I’ll be curious to see what Defy thinks about igf-1 being at 275 - based on research I wonder if I have benign pituitary tumor. Believe me , I’m not feeling any benefit of igf-1 at 275 lol.

Good luck with your Defy consultation. I’m hoping they get have me firing on all cylinders with TRT and everything else they recommend.


That’s a positive sign you have hypothyroidism, it’s called goiter. A goiter commonly develops as a result of iodine deficiency or inflammation of the thyroid gland. Symptoms that do occur might include swelling and a cough.

Good luck with your appointment.


Yes - I’ve read some about goiter and we do have family members on both sides of family (not immediate family) who’ve had goiters. It’s very subtle…really can’t feel anything; however as I shave on lower right side, I do feel the razor raise up over “something”. Guessing thyroid is inflammed.

One interesting thing about TRT shots (each 50 mg shot) - about 12-18 hrs after injection, I feel a little “off”(light headed, foggy brain, tired, anxiety) and then it subsides and then day 2-3 is better and by the time I am about to inject, I probably feel my best. I’m keeping a log of everything. Also body temps are still on low end


We must be twins because that’s exactly how I feel, as I get further away from my injection day I feel better. My body temps are fine though. My estrogen is double the normal range so that plays into it as well.


@systemlord : Defy consultation was better than I even expected (and it wasn’t even with Dr Saya). Super comprehensive and they clearly know their stuff. When is your consult? My meds arrive next Monday.


My consult is July 11th, back on an EOD protocol which in the past is the only protocol that produces excellent results minus the estrogen, hope estrogen doesn’t become a problem till that time. Extremely conservative at 16mg EOD.


@systemlord : They’ve bumped me to 150 mg a week of test cyp (inject 50 mg every MWF), hcg 500iu (inject 50 units twice a week), cytomel for my thyroid issue, metformin for better glycemic control, DHEA 25 mg. my E2 was at 10 but they did prescribe me anastrozole (.125 mg) ONLY if I have E2 symptoms but will hold off on that for now.

Will get labs in 3 months and see where we are. Defy rocks!


Quick update: been on TRT since May and moved to Defy 4-6 week’s ago. They upped by Test cyp to 150mg per week (50mg every M,W and F) and I’m on HCG (500iu every M and F). They did give me anastrazole .125mg to take every M and F but because my E2 was 10 when first tested, they had me
hold off on it.

Fast forward to my last lab results. My total T was at 901 (264-916) and my free T was at 25.8 (6.8-21.8). And my E2 is now at 37.1 (8-35). I only had a few things tested as I won’t go through a comprehensive full battery of tests until early Sept but based on these numbers, would it make sense to start on anastrazole? I do have a little more anxiety. Also, should I maybe taper back my test cyp to say 100 or 125mg per week?



When my estrogen is high I get anxiety and typically never experienced it naturally at any time in my life until TRT. The AI might be a good idea, this is the reason why the AI was prescribed. I would take the AI on Monday and Fridays to see how you do.

I was prescribe the same AI dosage (EOD) and I’m going to take half the prescribed dosage every other injection just to gauge if I’m an over-responder, if not then I’ll work my way up to the prescribe dosage.


Thanks @systemlord. That’s what I was thinking. I don’t want to crash my E2 but guessing at this mild dose, I should be fine and will check levels again in about 6 weeks.

Thoughts on total and free T where I’m at?


It’s not as if they’re overly high, a lot of specialists ignore the new lower ranges and believe it’s not alright to include fat obese people into these normal ranges. There are natural men walking around in the 1200 ranges.

A lot believe the standards have been lowered to make TRT more difficult to get prescribed.


Just curious if you’d stay at 150mg a week (over 3 injections) or bring it back to 100mg per week (over 2 injections) which is the most common protocol by many on this site. I think I’ll stay at 150mg and see where we are in 4-6weeks.

Any side effects for anastrazole I should be prepared for? What should I expect by taking it?


I would stay where you are. Estradiol @37 is not bad if the sides are manageable. I would definitely taper back to 125 mg a week before I introduced an ai into the mix.


I agree. You can definitely lower your dosage since your free t is over.
The anxiety may not be from the e2. Can be from too much T.

Also I see a trend so far with defy. I read on this forum and em. Several starting at 150 divided m,w,f.


How does this anxiety manifest? I’ve done some research about it and the best I can tell it’s people hyperventilating and crying? I do see a number of people reporting it though.


Thanks for the helpful replies. My anxiety isn’t that bad but curious why going on AI is not ideal? Would being at a little higher test levels help with muscle development? I do understand though that higher test levels don’t translate into “feeling better” and I’m also still dealing with thyroid issues (was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and on cytomel and getting an ultrasound on my thyroid in about a week).

I also had a high igf-1 level when tested a couple
months ago (tested at 275) but will retest in about 6 weeks.


I would avoid the ai just due to the fact it complicates your treatment. It turns into a balancing act between drugs. You have to worry about crashing. These aromatase inhibitors were not designed for men. They were designed for women that have cancer. Ect ect. Your estrogen is fine right now but if you want to dial it back a notch then simply adjust the test dose. I do humbly disagree with the statement that more test doesn’t necessarily make you feel better. I have plenty of friends that cycle test and they love the way it makes them feel ;). Hell they love it so much they dont even want to train when they aren’t on. They are taking substantially higher doses than we are though. You have higher test levels. Take advantage of it. You have higher estrogen levels. Take advantage of that to. Estrogen protects and strengthens your joints and tendons. It helps with cognitive function and memory. Estrogen is not the enemy. As long as your hematocrit stays in check your gold. Eat clean and train hard.


Big help @alldayeveryday - thanks!