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Newbie on TRT, Feeling Lightheaded and Foggy After Injection


Your immune system is attacking your thyroid, suggest getting a new primary care doctor. Any doctor who ignores a patient telling her that you feel an intermittent pain in the location of your thyroid is outrageous. Thyroid problems are typically intermittent, one test could look normal and a week later thyroid is caught in the act.

Doctors these days need to realise that depression can be caused by low thyroid function and low testosterone, SSRIs need to be the last resort do to the disorders these mind altering drugs cause which doesn’t always resolve after the medication is ceased.


Amen SystemLord - i’ve learned a ton thanks to guys like you on this forum. These doctors simply want to overmedicate on SSRIs which doesn’t fix the issues yet leave patients with an addiction to SSRIs (often with terrible side effects).

I definitely will not be using this primary care doctor any longer - however, I must confess it’s was nice to sending her these numbers and sharing with her that maybe us looking at the thyroid takes precedence over putting me on Zoloft.

Just waiting on a top endo referral and then I will schedule that asap. Based on the research I’ve done thus far (here is a good link : https://thyroidpharmacist.com/articles/hashimotos-and-thyroid-antibodies/), I need to fix this thyroid issue asap!

Question: should I continue the T 50mg injections (I actually need to do my next one this evening)?

How do my other numbers look to you? Could that first T injection of 150 mg have crashed my E2? E2 of 10? Thyroid issues? I think I’ve just been feeling sub par for so long, it’s the new norm and I just tolerate it. Last night was the first time I felt like doing anything athletically…just have felt weak and tired. Went for a 2 mile run and felt better afterwards.



So I’m considering a local anti-aging doctor (obviously not until I get my throid issues resolved) and they just sent me the quote on costs. They seem quite high and I’m considering Dr Saya (DefyMedical).

Here is the quote/treatment plan:

Promise pharmacy Anastrozole 0.5 mg, #4, on po once per week $10.00
Sermorelin/GHRP2/theanine 15 mg/4.05mg/75mg $300.00
DHEA 50 mg #30 $15.00
supplies Sub Cut $5.00
HCG 5,000, #2, inject 1250 IU twice per week $75.00
finasteride 5 mg, #4, one PO once per week $10.00
Sharps container, #1 $0.00
Alcohol swabs, #30 $0.00
fed ex Overnight Ex shipping $26.00
Pure Caps EPA/DHA #90, 3 per day $29.80
Melatonin 20 mg, #60 $30.90
Potassium Magnesiium Aspartate, #90, 3 at night $14.50
Mens Nutrient #180 6 per day $53.90
OsteoBalanace #210 3 per day (2.3 month supply) $40.10
Vit D 5000 iu, #60, 2 per day $15.80
UPS 2 day shipping $10.00
Initial lab and evaluation $995.00


I would drop Finasteride unless you wish to have more problems than a guy swimming in shark infested waters, Post Finasteride Syndrome can f’*ck you for life. I just signed up with Defy Medical, Dr Saya has a reputation for excellence.



Wow - thanks for the heads up! I have exchanged emails with Defy and will definitely go that route if and when I can get my throid issue resolved. Two questions:

  1. Should I continue with my T injections? I’d like to simply because I’ve done 3 shots already and want to keep my T levels at good levels.

  2. Should I hold off on this Kelp/Iodine (225 mcg) oral each morning?


@KSman would love to get your 2 cents on everything? I’ve posted some additional numbers and stared doing body temp at waking and mid afternoon. Definitely have lower temps along with high thyroid Antibodies. Plan to see endo but just waiting on referral. Thx


@KSman I’m hoping you can catch up on this thread and pass along your wisdom.


@systemlord : I am moving to Defy Medical and had a quick question for you. Should I do the morning cortisol test this Wednesday when do all the tests for Defy? That was an additional test and I don’t mind having it done if needed. Thoughts?


I ordered an AM cortisol test and I would also recommend a magnesium RBC test at your 6 month checkup, some guys who go on TRT deplete their cells of magnesium.


Here is what I plan to get done Wednesday morning:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Labs

  1. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel- $15
  2. CBC- $15
  3. Lipid Panel- $15
  4. Testosterone Free and Total- $35
  5. Estradiol Sensitive- $38
  6. DHEA-S- $33
  7. TSH-$21
  8. PSA-$21
  9. LH-$12
  10. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - $44
  11. IGF-1 - $30
  12. Morning cortisol

I am taking magnesium every evening before bed but will plan to take this test in 3-6 months.

I am on no hcg or ai (my E2 was at 10 so not concerned right now but that will go up) - that’s partly why I am going with Defy. I don’t want to rely on “disease management” and insurance carrier dictating to me that I’m in the “normal ranges” when i feel like SHIT. Been on test cyp injections twice a week and woke up this morning feeling the best I’ve felt in months. It’s only the beginning and I’m sure I’ll have lots of ups and downs but with Defy, I feel like we’ll have a good plan and we’ll monitor my levels and tweak as needed. Also looking at semorelin if my ifg-1 levels are subpar (I’m about to turn 50…I’d be surprised if my igf-1 is where it needs to be).


Here are my oral temps:

5/30: 8am 97.14 deg 4:15pm 97.39 deg
5/31 7:30am 97.19 deg 2:12pm 97.41 deg
6/1 8am 97.40 deg 3:50pm 98.00 deg
6/2 8:04am 97.17 deg 3:40pm 97.82 deg
6/4 7:52am 97.30 deg 3:30pm 97.98 deg

@KSman - I realize this thread has gotten lengthy but would love to get your input on everything if you can review everything. Also look at my numbers posted about regarding thyroid panel (for example, thyroid antibodies were high).



LH isn’t needed when on TRT, it will be bottomed out. Save the $12.


Your not even hitting normal morning temperatures and your thyroid isn’t stepping on the gas pedal at all throughout the day like it should be. That’s low thyroid function, you definitely have a problem. It may be a sign of serious autoimmune disorder, such as Graves disease or Hashimoto thyroiditis.


That’s been my concern and I definitely seem to have the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Once I get my all my lab work to Defy, I’m hoping they can help with this. Do you recommend possibly seeing a local endo regarding thyroid issues or just working 100% with Defy on TRT, thyroid, etc?

How serious is Graves or Hashimoto?


I can see no reason not to go 100% with Defy, this is what they do all day long.


Cool - that’s exactly what I was thinking. I’d rather utilize them for everything which ensures everything is in sync.


@systemlord : I am injecting every 3.5 days and I’ve noticed something in my pattern. When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt fantastic. Was energized, clear head before I even got out of bed which has been rare these days. I did do my Monday morning injection and actually had an active day (did about 14000 steps yesterday including a 2 mile run). I noticed last night I was getting a little worn down and woke up this morning feeling lethargic, cloudy head, feeling weak/tired. It seems like the day after injection is my worst day. Is that common? I realize I need to continue with TRT and that it will take 6 weeks to hopefully gets things normalized - also, as we’ve discussed, my thyroid issues could be the biggest culprit of all of this and I’m hopeful Defy will be able to address this. I get my labwork done tomorrow and just completed my sports physical today. Dr Saya is so busy that I will probably see the other doctor that he’s groomed and my hope is to continue on TRT as well as sermorelin (i’ll get my igf-1 level tested tomorrow as well).


Totally normal to have ups and downs within those 6 weeks, if you still don’t feel well after 6 weeks estrogen could be elevated, usually you start feeling good by week 4. Sometimes I’ll feel good by week 4 and by week 6 I start feeling unwell and high estrogen is the cause.


@systemlord : Got my LabCorp results back for Defy and have my consultation next Wednesday. Can you take a look at my lab numbers. Thyroid panel results were posted a week or two ago which showed I had elevated thyroid antibodies. Anything catch your eye? I do like the improvement on the total and more importantly free test #'s. I did not get my E2 tested as it was tested a few weeks ago and my E2 was 10. I do plan to get this tested in 3 months and get on AI if Defy deems it necessary. I’ll definitely want to get on hcg injections soon to keep the tests from atrophy.

One thing I’m curious on: my igf-1 number was really high with these results. Never had this tested before. I would have guessed my igf-1 number was really low considering my age (will be 50 in Sept) and was actually hoping it was low so that I would go on something like semorelin to boost gh (and feel better, sleep better, etc). Any idea why this number is so high? I kind of question the validity of this test - maybe I should run it again?



@KSman @systemlord @physioLojik @highpull @anon10230041 any thoughts on my recent posts/lab results? Thank you