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Newbie on TRT, Feeling Lightheaded and Foggy After Injection


I am definitely still edgy and guessing my hormones are all over the place. Not as edgy as last week but still edgy. I’m a social guy…been a headhunter for over 20 years so like to talk to people/interact. For some reason, I feel a little socially “off”, feel anxious/anxiety, feel a little out of breath at times. Could this be because my E2 and other hormones are off? I’m getting the proper E2 test done tomorrow and will be curious to see where my E2 comes in at but as I’ve read with other threads, E2 is a relative thing…some guys do just fine with lower/low E2 whereas others need normal or higher levels of E2 to feel right. Maybe this will all level off? My MD wanted me to go on zoloft because she said I seemed highly anxious but I didn’t go on it. Little peeved at her for not addressing my lower T symptoms. Curious what folks are taking to help with anxiety.


@physioLojik - I’d love your 2 cents on this if you have the time. Thanks


It’s really too difficult to answer bro. You need all the labs to make an accurate assessment. I’d be more than happy to check them out. Hormone fluctuations cause way more drama then specific high or out of range numbers.


Thanks for the reply. I just got back from Urologist office and we’re having the following additional tests run:

Proper E2 test (MC-LS/LS)
Free T3
Free T4
Reverse T3
Thyroid antibodies

I hope to have them Friday or next Monday at the latest.


When you post those, need your waking and mid-afternoon body temperatures.

And we need you to talk about your history of using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium and quantities of those.

Is your family iodine deficient?

fT3 is the only active hormone and once there became a lab to get that directly, we have doctors who keep ordering obsolete indirect measures.


Thanks KSman - I need to get an oral therm and will try to get one this afternoon. Not sure on iodine deficiency with our family.


So I just heard back from my primary doc (female fwiw) who wanted me on Zoloft because I have a little anxiety (keep I in mind I have a 5yr old battling cancer and has been on chemo treatments since last Oct, I’m opening a franchise and we’re about to go to construction phase all while I still run a recruiting business)…thought you would get a kick out of her email to me this evening (she’s anti TRT btw but loves those SSRIs ;): keep in mind the Uro (that she referred and is very solid) has already put me on TRT injections:

“I would like to see your lab tests levels for testosterone before you jump to conclusions. I warned you about testosterone treatments. I told you that this is a double edged sword. It has many side effects and I was certain it was not the cause of your symptoms.
Your TSH is normal at 3.5.It is not hypothyroid. And at 3.5, it is not causing any of your symptoms.

Your symptoms are from anxiety. But I can send you to see an Endocrinologist. They are all “solid”. They will all take you 8-12 weeks to get in to see. I really think that you need to see the psychiatrist. I do not think that an endocrinologist is going to find the answer.


It’s called reference range endocrinology, it turns them into robots that chase the lab numbers, what’s normal for you is it normal for somebody else.

Doctors used to treat the symptoms and not the labs, insurance companies has turned everything on its head and now doctors treat the numbers and not the symptoms.

The intelligent doctors are leaving the sick care model and starting their own practice for those who are tired of these insurance companies controlling at what point you get treatment.

They don’t want to put you on TRT, they want you, your family, your children taking prescription medication for life. They hand out ssris like it’s candy without regard for your health, which cause hormonal deficiencies down the road that they don’t even tell you about.

There are some studies out there that prove this and once the word is out I hope we look at drugs differently. These drug commercials show a man driving in his Camaro into the sunset before warning of heart attacks and mirad of diseases from taking the medicine.

This is big pharma attempting to push these drugs upon us and that everything is going to be okay. What we need is these drug executives to go away and the doctors and scientists to take over big pharma, that’s the way it used to be.


I’ve been injecting subq 50mg test cyp every Monday morning and Thursday evening. With each injection, I’ve noticed that I feel a little more anxiety but instead of feeling added energy and itching to go workout, I have felt the opposite (almost a tiredness, lethargic…body feels weak…feel like i have NO strength)…almost like I’m floating on air. Is this common? Again, I would think i’d feel the exact opposite and feel a little stronger/more energy. I know my body is adjusting…especially hormone levels. Could it be that the day of injection and the increase in T, my E2 is going up thus the feeling of anxiety. I realize this will take time and I’ll continue with this protocol but was curious if what I’m feeling is common.

I should get my E2, FT3, FT4, RT3 numbers back tomorrow and will post them. Also have oral thermometer being delivered tomorrow and will start taking temp upon waking and afternoon.


I’m telling you my first 3 weeks were like this. Every day was a battle. At the same time I was psychologically struggling because I didn’t know what was happening with all my different hormones. The afternoons the day after my shot were the worst. I just wanted to give up, lay down and sleep the rest of my life. It takes times for the half lives to add up. It will get better as you go.


Great to hear and thanks for feedback. I don’t feel that bad but my body feels like if you’ve ever been real nervous about something to the point of feeling weak and a little light-headed. That’s the best way to describe how I feel. I’m going to continue with the two injections a week and see where my E2 is. Maybe I might need an AI as well as hcg for my testes. Main goal is to feel better/more energy by July/August timeframe.

I turn 50 in Sept - would like to look at HGH for anti-aging.


I understand. Remember where your E2 is right now doesn’t really matter. It matters at or after 6 weeks. HGH is expensive. You could look into sermoralin (not sure on the spelling) or any of the others. They stimulate your body’s production of growth hormone. It’s worth looking into and I’ve seen first hand accounts of it working very well over the long term.


If my E2 is out of whack, would it make sense to get on a mild dose of AI to get it to acceptable levels?


If its sky high then yes maybe but I highly doubt that’s the case. E2 is not your enemy. E2 is a powerful hormone that is very beneficial to your health. It can have some bad side effects if it’s to high of course but based on your blood work that shouldn’t be the case.


I’m most likely going to move to an anti-aging dr in North Atlanta and sermorelin is definitely something we’re discussing. I’ve read a lot of reviews and it sounds like it’s a 12 month commitment and many saw nominal results. What has been your experience? Are you also in hcg and AI?


I havent tried it yet. Just throwing out options as I’ve heard not only is hgh expensive but difficult to get. I’m thinking about trying mk-677 off the grey market as I’ve seen cases where people loved it. Sermorelin and others are available grey market as well. Just have to find a legit supplier.


Anti-aging doctors aren’t cheap but I like that this guy will monitor everything and help me get my levels to optimum level.


I just started taking my temps yesterday and I’m definitely lower. 97.12 yesterday morning at 7:30 and 97.39 at 4:15pm. This morning at 7:15 my first reading was below 97 but took it a few minutes later and I was 97.19. Been doing some research on Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and think I might have that. I noticed several months ago an aching in my thyroid area, more so on the right thyroid area (nodule?). It’s ever so subtle but definitely can feel the razor going over something raised but sometimes hard to replicate.

Should get my specific thyroid numbers back today (ft4, ft3, rt3, etc) but I definitely want to go in to see an endocrinologist asap. Ironically when I complained to my primary care doctor (who wanted to put me on Zoloft vs even discuss TRT) about a soreness in my thyroid area, she felt around there and said she couldn’t feel anything. I’ve had two close friends fight through throat cancer/hpv so I was concerned I might earlier symptoms of that because I kept feeling some soreness in that area but very intermittent.


Picked up lab results from last week:

FT4: 1.26 (.82-1.77)
FT3: 3.3 (2.0-4.4)
RT3: 15.3 (9.2-24.1)
E2: 10.4 (8.0-35) LC/MS/MS test

Thyroid Antibodies):
Thyroid Peroxidase TPO: 114 (0-34)
Thyroglobulin Antibody 5.4 (0.0-0.9)

E2 seems low. Thyroid Antibodies seem off the chart high. Thoughts? Definitely trying to see endocrinologist asap!


Your E2 is low. It’s been low. Your still early in your treatment so it may increase slightly after 6 weeks. Of your lucky it will fall perfect. If its low you can bump up your test dose slightly. If it’s high you could lower test or take ai.