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Newbie on Test From Dr.


New to the site and have been on Dr prescribed test at 200mgs 1x week. Been on it for 6 months and used it as my incentive to get into shape. The first 2 months I saw very noticeable change but since have slowed down. My friend who has a very reliable source gets him Tren and he offered it to me as a way to move forward and push past my wall that I apparently had hit.

I have only done 4 injections at 1.5ml every 2 days but feel no affects at all. I have done loads of reading on the topics and everything I can find says it should take around 3-4 weeks before actual change. Is there anyone with experience that could verify (friend thinks he feels it after 1st week) ? I have tried to educate myself as best I can but in the real world it appears that so many people have different reactions and tolerances, that I am just trying to get more educated.


Is it Tren A or Tren E?


It's Tren E


Yeah anything with the enanthate ester will take awhile to "kick in" and awhile to wear off. I may be wrong, as I don't know much about Tren E, but if it's anything like Test E, in terms of half-life (which is determined by the ester), it can take up to 6 weeks to feel and 2 weeks to leave your system. It also means you can inject every 3 days very comfortably, even every 3.5 days. Your friend may be referring to Tren A, which does kick in very fast.


That's what I thought and also had read, I think he is just confused. Thanks though. Now I have to figure out how to carefully open the can of worms concerning HCG and Arimidex ??


For Adex just take as much as is needed to avoid gyno and other sides. For example: I'm very prone to gyno so on my recent cycle I started at .5mg/day. A week in my nipple started becoming sensitive and I started bloating up so I upped the dose. Common dosing is anywhere from zero or .25mg every other day up to 1mg/day. Start low and work your way up to find what works best for you.

As for HCG, many people, me included, are not very fond of it. There're a lot of horror stories out there about its effect on your testes, but it is known to make recovery easier and keep your testes full during the cycle, so do whatever you'd prefer. There are so many dosing opinions out there, I don't even know where to begin with helping you on that one. I'd just avoid it altogether, personally.


Oh and a word of caution: You have to be very careful using Tren E before Tren A. If your dose is too high, the adex won't help much. Then the problem arises that even if you completely cut yourself off from it, you'll have to deal with the sides for a long time (you could lactate...). Might want to look into caber... or start off at a very low dose. Or better yet, start off on Tren A