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Newbie Needs Info: 2 AD and ES3?


First off, I've heard nothing but good things about this forum from my friend; who is currently on his first cycle of test and what not.

On to my questions...

I have a local friend who owns a supp store in the area. He showed me 2A.D. by Scifit (superdrol clone) and ES3 by Scifit (Basically an "AI" as it's called I believe.) Now I wanted to know if anyone has any information on these two products or if anyone has had experience with these?

2A.D. says to take 20mg a day (oral) and
ES3= 50mg DHB and 425 mg blend of : 6 bromo; 5,7-Dihydroxyisonflavone; 4',7-Dihydroxyisoflavone; Diindolylmethane; White button mushroom extract (per pill @ 2 a day)

** I want to apologize ahead of time for my noobness in this area. This is my first time looking into this genre of supplements and I have been doing research on this site and reading the stickies. I want to make sure I do cycles right the first time around and make sure I'm taking the right things.


I’m not really asking for a layout of what to take; just if anyone knows much about these products… BUT…

Some basic information about me…
Weight: 225-230 on average
Height: 6’3"
Lifting experience: Roughly 6-7 years of lifting. Last 3 years have been more serious. I consider myself very knowledgeable in respects to how to workout and especially in how to eat correctly and maximize gains.

I am looking into this now because I believe I am close if not at my genetic natural potential. I am naturally a very small guy (I was 150lbs at 6’3 when I started lifting.) I tend to stay leaner and want to hit 250-260 as a primary goal right now. Someday bodybuilding competitions? Lots of info here, sorry :wink:

Revert up to the first post for initial questions!


No idea in regards to PH i’m afraid, but welcome :wink:


[quote] Brook wrote:
No idea in regards to PH i’m afraid, but welcome ;)[/quote]

Thanks for the welcome! Glad to see a good first post haha. Anyone know about these products?Bump.