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Newbie Needs Help...

hello everyone! I started a workout routine last month on the 15th revolving around “the big three” and other compound movements, low/med reps and lots of rest between workouts.

Im currently 22 years young,5’10, 146lbs with a 9% BF (was 139lbs when i started a couple weeks back) and a obvious ectomorph.

with me being a ectomorph and needing more rest be hampered by a physical labor job? i work overnights at walmart as a stocker. I feel as tho this maybe be helping and hindering me at the same time. lifting loads and workin all night has built a nice amount of “base” strength for my size but i feel like i shouldnt be doing anything labourous between my workouts so i recover optimally. sometimes my work seems more aerobic sometimes more anerobic.

i get about 7-10 hours of sleep during the day would that help make of for the extra work?

ive also picked up eating 5-6 times a day but will eating more cover the activity of work or do i need actual rest inbetween?

also how do save money on your body building food budget? i know its gonna be more expensive but how do some of you cut corners money wise?

thanks ahead…

Some ways to save money on food:

buy eggs in bulk, and eat 'em! i eat 5 whites and 1 whole egg every morning. i don’t even bother buying less than the big 2.5 dozen carton.

cottage cheese. i hate the stuff, but its easy to eat during quick breaks at work or when i wake up hungry as hell at 4am.


canned tuna. i eat more of that than i care to admit. i watch for specials at the market and stock up. that and some gatorade is a great post-workout ‘meal’ especially for those of us that can’t afford specialized supplements.

if feeling flush w/$$$, chicken breasts are great. i usually cook 4-6 at a time in the oven and i get a couple of good meals out of that. i take the skin off and put some kind of sauce on them (BBQ or Chicken Soup) to keep from getting dry.

to keep everything moving i eat tons of lettuce, a bit of broccoli or similar veggie with every meal except breakfast. i’ll eat some kind of fruit or 1/2 serving of oats in the am.

hope that helps a little.