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Newbie Needs Help

I am 42, 260 pounds with what I would consider a stocky build 18" arms but need to lose 20. I am wanting to get back into weight lifting and training. The doctor is putting me on test 200- 400 mlg. every 2 weeks.

What would be a good tablet (Prefer) to ad on my own that would help me cut and is fairly mild. I just want to keep it simple and the least expensive but would like to see some gains - please tell me the mlg / daily amount / total weeks.

Looks like you are new to the board, I see you have 5 posts and little feedback. SO I offer some help.
You told us that you are going on HRT testosterone treatement … and you want to add something to lose weight. When it comes to anabolics, anavar(Oxandrolone) would fit every requirement that you want, but price. It isn’t cheap, but it is a great drug.
Online sources? I have never used them, don’t like the whole idea. (and people don’t like talking about sources around here) But, let’s get to my point.
You are 42 and know nothing about steroids and don’t have any connections. Now you are getting HRT and want to hit a homerun. My advice: just chill out. Get your test, you should feel better with that alone. Go on a diet, excercise, use HOT-ROX. See how it goes. Then start thinking about additional anabolics.
This isn’t a scolding. Just some advice.

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