Newbie Needs Help...

I just ran across this website a couple of days ago, and i must say this website is great. It’s full of usefull information for people who work out…

Well, here is a little short story about me…Before college 5’9" 185lbs, after 5 years in college and late night eating and studying 240lbs by graduation day. Anyway, began working out last december and manage to droop 30lbs by lifting weights,playing basketball 3-4 times a week and deiting. As a result of my hard work, i have become obsesed with working out. On the contrayr, now my goals are not really to loose weight but to get muscular and loose BF%. Well as a self motivated person that i am, i did some research and developed work out routing. Although, it might seem to much but i must add my recovery time is pretty fast…

I would like for the T-Nation community to critique and provide feedback on the following plan:



Machine Fly,12-10-8-12

Seated Row,12-10-8-12

Bench Incline DB,12-10-8-12

Lever seated Row,12-10-8-12

Cable Front Pull down, 12-10-8-12

Dead lift,12-10-8-12

Leg Press,12-10-8-12

S.Bar Curl,12-10-8-12

V cable,12-10-8-12

bentovertricep ext.,12-10-8-12

Serratus crunch,4,8-10

Swiss ball crunch,4,12-15

close grip bench,12-10-8-12


Lunges, 6 sets with 35Lbs DB

Squat Machine,12-10-8-12

Upright Row,12-10-8-12

Front Raise,12-10-8-12

Lateral Raise,12-10-8-12

Military Press,12-10-8-12

seating calv raise,12-10-8-12

Standing Calv Raise,12-10-8-12

legs curls,12-10-8-12

leg extensions,12-10-8-12

Dead lift,12-10-8-12



Machine Fly,12-10-8-12

Cable Front Pull down,12-8-6-10

Seated Row,12-8-6-10

Kneeling cable crunch,4,8-10

Ball exchange double crunch,4,max reps20

Military Press,12-10-8-12

bentovertricep ext.,12-8-6-10

S.Bar Curl,12-8-6-10

V cable,12-8-6-10

Upright Row,12-8-6-10


Dumbell Curl,12-8-6-10

Preacher Curl,12-8-6-10

DB weighted crunch,4,8-10

Side bend,4,8-10 per side

I hope it makes sense…
Please help, thanks.

If you follow that plan, you’ll burn out in less than 2 weeks.

Find a workout plan on here, there are plenty of great ones… ABBH I II, WSSB, TBT… etc. Pick one and follow it to a T. Dont change anything. Dont add anything. Follow it exactly how its written.

to much volume.
not enough substance.

Stick to the basics and get those reps per bodypart down to about 20-30 per workout. You’re a beginner–lift like one. That’s not a blast, that’s a recipe for success. You will be injured or burnt out in no time with that pace.

I know others only want to do the ‘big’ lifts, and they are great, but it’s ok to do pulldowns if you aren’t capable of doing chins. It’s ok to substitute cable rows for bent-overs until you build your base. You just need to lower that volume per workout. Don’t lift 5 straight days. At your beginning level 2 days in a row is the most I would recommend. You grow out of the gym, not in it.

So look around some more. Look to do full body type workouts 3 times a week.
Learn about the muscles and what they do. Look into nutrition. It’s AT LEAST half of your battle.


Everything else is details…

The best advice I can give you is to ditch the notion of training bodyparts and start thinking in terms of training movement planes.

Vertical Push/Pull
Horizontal Push/Pull
Quad Dominant Lower Body
Hip Dominant Lower Body

Admittedly, the quads and hips are ‘body parts’ but never mind that…

I second the recommendation to follow a program like ABBH or Big Boy Basics (do a search…), but even before that you can make optimal or near-optimal progress on an even simpler program…something like:

Monday: Squat 5x5, Bench 5x5, Row 5x5

Wednesday: Deadlift 5x5, Military Press 5x5, Pull-up 5x5

Friday: repeat Monday…

(next wk. pull on Mon. & Fri., squat on Wed. etc…)

Whichever way you decide to take it, best of luck

Thanks for the info guys, I looked around and found the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy II…I will follow it to the t. One question though:
Will it make a difference if i due M-ON T-ON W-OFF TH-ON and F-ON vs what the program recomends ON-OFF-ON-OFF and so on. My gym is closed on weekends…
Thanks for the help.

No diff.

It just takes a little longer to go through the sequence.

One last question before i start CW’s ABBH program.
Will playing basketball for 45 min 2 to 3 times a week have any negative impact while on the ABBH progam?


NO the bassketball will be fine. Hey it may even aid in recovery. 45 mins of on and off spreinting etc. sound like a great way to get a little cardio tyope work that verges on anabolic activity.

Good luck let us know how it goes.


Hey Phill,
Thanks for the reply, i’ll let you guys know how it goes…


You are the king of the overtrainers.

I’d suggest you do ABBH instead of that if you just want to amp the volume