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Newbie Needs Help


Whats up T-Nation im 35 been training on and off since i was 13. Im 6 foot tall and weigh about 227 and stay around 13-15% body fat. I have never done any steroids in my life but have recently come across some tren and test. I have two 10 ml bottles and was told to use 1cc of each per day for 2 weeks then go up to 1.5 ccs of test but keep the tren the same for the 6 week cycle.
My goal is the same as anyones i guess to get bigger and leaner. i also recieved hcg for pct he told me to start using that 2 weeks after the cycle is over. I am concened because this doesnt jive with anything anyone posts anywhere. I have photos of the gear i would be using and was wondering if i could post them as well to see if the stuff looks authentic. Once again im new to this so bear with me,thanks in advance for any help.


so much shit wrong here..

20ml is not enough for a 6 week cycle at the dosage you are proposing... 1cc = 1ml. So you are definitely going to need more.

tren is generally not a great idea for a first cycle because you will most likely need either caber (which is expensive) or bromo (which supposedly has some nasty side effects) to halt progesterone/prolactin side effects.

what esters are the test and the tren?

hcg is to be run 3 weeks after starting tren and continued until pct, but ceased before pct begins. Nolvadex and/or clomid should be run for pct.

any aromatase inhibitor on hand?

id recommend test prop 500mg a week with ED shots for 8 weeks, so you will need 40 ml assuming it is dosed at 100mg/ml
throw in some dbol for bulking/winstrol oral for cutting at 50mg ed for 4 weeks and you have a pretty solid first cycle...


You really want to recommend ED injections to someone on their first cycle?

Additionally as you do not know the esters you cannot simply state that 2 vials of test is not enough... For example if they were two ten ml vials of test enth @ 250 mgs... hed have more than enough.

OP, spend a LOT of time reading through other peoples logs to get an idea of how people plan them. Some of your information is unclear. What do the vials say on them? With more information we can help guide you.

Right away though I can just tell you not to touch the tren, the sides can be simply unbearable and it takes a lot of knowledge to properly dial in a test and tren dosage. IMO, one of the best reasons to use prop with an ace cycle is so you can not only adjust the tren levels, but the test levels. People react very differently to tren.

For a first cycle Id stick to the test. But like I said let us know what the testosterone vials say so we can help you more.


Yes I recommend ED injections to someone on their first cycle..why not? I did them on mine..

and yes I can state that 20ml of test is not enough if he wants to shoot 1 ml every day for the first 2 weeks then 1.5 for the rest of the 6 week cycle..Perhaps you didn't read the original post very closely.


I feel as though for a newbie its better to limit the number of injections, less spots to inject and less chance of fucking up. ED means 7 injection spots, for a new guy with all virgin muscle... thats gonna be a bitch.

And he isn't going to end up shooting those plans, once he tells us what ester and concentration he has we can make a reasonable cycle for him. I don't think anyone who has read this so far is thinking "hmm, he should do this... oh shit if he does this he wont have enough test" If he has test e or c @ 250 mg 2 vials is enough for a cycle.


I think ED injects are just that, every day shots. No big deal. Its up to the person to decide.

8 site rotation is fine. Even 6 is ok if the injection volume is small.

Obviously he shouldnt be using tren in a first cycle. But failing to point out that he doesnt have enough gear for a 6 week cycle would only hurt him.


It turns out he has a test blend dosed at 400 mg/ml (2 vials of it). More than enough for a first cycle.

I do honestly prefer less injections when possible for new users especially if they're doing their own injections because its less locations for them to screw up. Im sure someone out there has an unfortunate VG injection attempt gone badly story. But to each their own, I just think the simpler the better for first cycles.