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Newbie Needs Help w/ 1st Cycle


Hey bros, newbie here. Going to start injecting Monday. First cycle. 27 years old, been weightlifting seriously since I was around 20, and consistently. I weigh a little over 90 kg (200 pounds), and my body fat % is under 15 %.

My cycle consists of Test E for 12 weeks, with Turinabol for the first four. I have adex on hand, and running hcg throughout. My food intake will be just over 4000 cal. Help me critique? On my workout days, I include a hydrolyzed whey shake for pwo. Thoughts? Comments? I might get some Taurine for the tbol. Just a thought. Much appreciated in advance.

W 1-12 Test Enth 500mg (250 mg every Monday and Thursday)
W 1-4 Turinabol 40mg split into 3 times a day
W 3-12 hCG 250 iu E4D
W 1-12 Arimidex 0.25mg E3D (DonĂ¢??t know if I should use this or just keep it on hand? I do seem sensitive to carbs and seem prone to bloating)

W 14-15 Nolva 40 mg/d
W 16-17 Nolva 20 mg/d

Quaker oats (2 packets, 43 g each)
4 Eggs
Semi-skimmed milk 100ml

Mass Gainer (1050 cal)
Semi-skimmed milk 100ml

Tuna tinned
Pasta 60 g
Tomato or cream sauce

Whole wheat bread slice
Peanut Butter 2 tbsp (32g)

Beef 100 g OR Chicken 100 g
Sweet potato 60 g

Casein shake
Semi-skimmed milk 100 ml


looks good, I would use more tbol, and for a longer period of time.

make sure you use the adex, .25mg EOD should suffice

I would also consider using an oral to bridge from weeks 9-right before the start of pct.


Really? Bridge for a first cycle? How does the diet look?


Bridge To pct not Through pct.. read closer.

and your diet looks ok i guess idk..always eat more on cycle unless you are trying to cut.


About the diet

I would suggest according to some Phd Sport Science coaches and nutritionists who have also won olympic medals and trained professionals to follow at your pace the following guidelines around training

For the rest make sure you eat a lot of veggies, clean meat and good fish, and for the rest of carbs go wholemeal like brown rice, rye, quinoa. They all have Low GI, realease energy slowly, Contain plenty fiber, good minerals and vitamins and phytonutrients.

Since you are new and suppose young you will get the best out of it, especially if you start early on.
Pre Training
1 to 4gr of Carbs per Kg, 1 to 3 hours before training
2-3 gr per kg of Protein (Preferably Whey Hydrolized in powder form)

During training
a 4:1 ratio of Carbo to Protein (to increase insulin and GH response, increase recovery and slow breakdown)

I personally like Vitargo for this training drink. (Check it out, is very good)
So something like 50gr and 12.5gr

Post Training
0.8 Carbo per Kg and 0.5 of Protein, free leucine and phenylalanine per Kg (Stimulate glycogen synthesis)

Burke(1) recommends to consume 7-10gr of Carbs per kg for strength power and endurance athletes to mantain training intensity and to ensure adequate glycogen storage.

Burke: Nutrition for recovery after competition and training. In Clinical Sports Nutrition.


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Not bad hey/ hahah

What would you recommend man?

I didn't include the kilos of fish and meet to eat daily and Slow release protein to eat throughout the day but mainly a protocol based around training.

Jokes apart would like to know what you would recommend without patronizing Bro.



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Run the tbol for at least 6 weeks. 40mg is a good starting point.

Im on 100mg ED. Just got back from the gym after doing shoulders, bi, tri. Started with shoulders and took about 20 minutes for the blood to vacate so I could begin bi and tri, extremely painfull. Going to drop down to 75mg


That was a typo

2-3 gr per kg is daily at least

0.5gr per kg would have been (sorry)