Newbie Needs Help Getting Started

Hello, I’m a newbie and I just really need help coming up with a proper workout schedule/ideas.

I an 18-year old college student, 5’10, and weigh about 160 pounds

The 2nd thing I want to do is gain more running endurance/cardio. A lot of times when I play a sport or run in general I find myself getting tired a lot more quickly than the other people that I’m playing with.

and then I also have smaller goals like gain strength and to treat my body better

So I’m just wondering what should my workout schedule look like (I can do two a days if necessary), what supplements(and which brands) should I take, what should I eat (I’m a college student on a meal plan so my options for dieting are pretty limited), how often can I afford to eat “bad” food", etc.

I know this is asking a lot, but I do need some good advice to guide me in the right direction. Thank in advance.

Nothing wrong with having a goal. Cutler wasn’t built in one day either.

Have you read the stickied threads in this forum? Basically, you’ll want to lift weights most days of the week, eat a lot and focus on getting stronger on everything.

I recommend squats, front squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, barbell rows, kroc rows, military pressing, (weighted) chinups and (weighted) dips. Triple your strength on these and I think you’re set.

Don’t worry about too much supplements. Treat every meal like it’s Thanksgiving and bust your ass in the gym.

read the beginner’s stickies

read the cephalic carnage: how do you train and professor X: a request threads.

also read the t-cell!

before that my training was a mess and i would do the most random exercises in the gym.
once i read some threads, i got on a simple split and I’m growing again.