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Newbie Needs Help Deadlifting!!


I started deadlifting about 3 months ago with a salty lifter at the gym until i felt comfortable doing it without supervision. I mainly have two questions.

  1. When dead lifting is it ok for the barbell to slide up your legs? I was told that doing it was not bad at all and helps keep good form. I was also told the opposite by another guy.

  2. I know the possition and posture of you lower back should be straight but when you lift is it ok for you upper shoulder and upper back to slightly strech downward (almost like a back strech)when pulling heavy weight?

Thanks for the help.

  1. I’m guessing you mean after you clear the knees, unless you like bloody shins. Either way, you shouldn’t really slide it up the leg. Keep your arms straight and keep the bar under your center of gravity. The legs will straighten before your back does, so there’s really no way to slide it up your legs unless your legs are still bent by that point.

  2. Keep the shoulder blades tucked and your chest up. Don’t let your shoulders round and sag forward.


Occasionally, my hands’ll get caught on my thighs when I’m locking out. If it’s similar to that, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


upper back rounding=ok
lower=not so much
i pull pretty rounded upper back and it works well for me havent injured it yet deadlifting


ive put a gash on my shins from deadlifting. avoid that. having the bar ride up your leg after passing your knee is fine. the main concern should be the lower back. as bignate pointed out, your upper back rounding shouldnt be too detrimental…