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newbie - needs direction

I am in need of direction. I am 5’11 about 180 lbs. I am in relatively good shape but I need improvement. My chest is pathetic! My stomach is pretty good but i have those little flabs on my side. I am a full time student with limited funds and a limited meal plan!!. So what I am basically asking for is a workout and corresponding diet that will be good to get me started.


Hi Dezz, I think you’ll find that we all suggest something slightly different but in most way the gist of it is the same, to build mass you will have to eat!

Look up TC’s chanko diet or get big diet for bodybuilders to start off with, as time goes on and you start to get good at monitoring food and eating regularly then massive eating is the way to go (check out JB’s website for all the stuff about that)

If you are real new to training then spend most of your effort on exercises such as dips, squats, deads and some power lifts.

In fact a really good palce to start would be here:

that should get you underway, good luck and the most important aspect of training is that it takes time to get reults so stick with it.

By now I bet a lot of folks have said, “Use the search engine”!!!

Look for Massive Eating, Foods that make you look good naked, Lean Eating, Optimized Volume Training (OVT), Twelve Weeks to…(by Ian King), Limping into … (by Ian King) and Diet Manifesto.

These should be a good start.



as mentioned if your new check out the Get Big Diet. Great article and plan for starting out.

If you are lagging in a particular are like chest you can check this out as well: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/206reps.html (This helped me with calves)

Ensure you choose one of the programs for beginners that will focus on large compound movements. In addition ensure you train your entire body not just chest an abs. Good luck!