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Newbie Needs D-Bol Advice


I an currently running
3cc Test Cyp
1cc Test E
a week and I wanted to add some Dbol to get a little boost in size for summer.
I have 5mg tabs and am going to take 20mg a day

My question is what time of day should I be taking them and should I be taking them on my off day?
I'm 39 years old and this is my first cycle so any advice is apriciated.


Saying your running 4 cc of Test without the milligrams is pointless.
I'm no expert but have taken dbol at 30 mgs a day for 4 weeks.
I took mine about 45 minutes before working out...although spaced apart throughout the day.
Use the search feature on top of the page and it will answer all your questions.
Best of Luck


I like to space them out through the day, but if I was only going to take 20mg I would take it all an hour before you workout


hey thanks guys, @howardchaz, yea thats what I thought about the CCs but the Test that I got does not have the ML concentrate listed but it was all I could find. I will try to find a better way to get my gear so I have a better idea of what I got going on.
and thanks again!


WOW! lol good luck with that


You don't know what your test is dosed at ? mg per ml ?

Why are you taking test E AND cyp ? pointless in my opinion. Either one solo is just fine.

As for your dbol question, its gonna vary person to person I imagine and their preference. I only like to take D about 45min prior to workout to aid in my workout and my preference is no less than 50mg. That's just me.

I think you should do alot more research before you start injecting AAS into your body my friend.


I call troll. No one is that dumb. especially at that age, if that is the true age.