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Newbie Needs Advice

Hello everybody: I a middle-aged newbie and I appear to have a serious “skinny fat” or normal weight obesity problem. I am 6’ 4", 220 lbs. I recently got my DEXA (% body fat composition), the total was 33% fat. Two years ago DEXA measured it to be 31%–what scares the heck out of me is that I am fairly active (some modest weight lifting, jogging ocassioanally, etc) and between those two scans I lost 10 lbs, but my percent body fat went up 2 percent. Turns out that while I was losing 10 lbs I lost all of it in lean body mass–muscle!!!

I have Marc Rippetoe’s book and Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program book. Is this the best way to go? Any other advice?

Should I even do MORE weight lifting then 5/3/1 suggests I do (4 times a week?)

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I think you should do starting strength found here:

You start with an empty bar and each workout you increase the weight 5 pounds until you can’t increase any more.

It doesn’t really matter what program you do as long as you do it with a lot of effort.

Your diet is way more important. You should post a couple of example days of what you typically eat. NO BULLSHIT! If you had a whole large pizza and a 6 pack of beer put it on there.

Then read this:

Stick to those 7 habits and the pounds will start coming off.

Don’t get bogged down with reading too many articles on this site. A lot of the stuff is for more advanced lifters. Don’t worry about carb cycling drop wave rest pulse sets, loading, deloading, periodization, blah blah blah.

Just eat lots of meat and vegetables and put some effort into working out.