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Newbie Needs Advice on Protein


THIS PICTURE IS NOT ME!!! This is just an example of my goal.

I don't know much so please excuse me.

I wanted to start taking whey protein in order to gain some muscle mass while burning off some of the extra fat. I used to work out a lot but I stopped for the past couple of months. Now I am starting to work out again. I am also starting to diet. I used to weigh 104lbs with a body fat percentage of 20.32%. Now I weigh about 112lbs with a body fat percentage of 23.8%

I am 17 years old, 5'2"

ALSO, I don't work out at the gym I just work out around my house. I have no set schedule of workout out yet. However, I try to target different muscles each day. I also try to do ab workouts every time I work out. At the end of my work out, I do at least 30 minutes of cardio. I run at least 2.5 miles after every work out.

Now my question, should I start taking my protein now? Or should I wait, lower my body fat to where it was, and then take the protein?

I bought my protein powder from Vitamin World. Contains 18g of protein per serving.

My goal isn't to compete, my goal is simply be very fit and toned. I want to be as fit as model in the picture.


18 grams of protein per serving? is it for women?


I bought it at Vitamin World.
Just wanted to give it a try.


That link so totally doesn't work, but I applaud your goals.

The big thing is to nail down a diet that meets your overall goals. If you want to lose fat, you'll need a caloric deficit, if you want to gain muscle, you usually need a caloric surplus, unless you just started training. Protein shakes only make sense if they still hit your overal goals.

A combo of carbs+protein can be really great just after (or before, or during) a workout, but again, it's got to fit within your overall diet plan.

So in conclusion, get a diet plan, and get a workout plan. Probably anything will work. Might want to check out the Figure Athlete side if you're working for an effective but still "girly" workout.



There you go.


well done on wanting to to get fit and healthy but have you read the stickys in the beginner forum? all the information you need will be there.

And to answer your question a protein supplement is just that...additional protein, it wont magically build muscle or shed body fat. Everyone should include ample (but not excessive) protein in their diet and protein powder can help you reach that goal.

My advice? go read the stickys and head over to the figure athlete forums.



Yup. She's fit :slight_smile:


Set a more specific goal. And set smaller goals along the way.

'I want to look like her' is not a goal. 105lbs @ 15% bf by Jan. 1, 2010 is a goal. (pulling numbers out of thin air)


Actually what you said is my goal. The picture up there is just the overall result I desire. Maybe I should've stated that in the beginning.