Newbie Needing Split Advice

Hey T Nation, my names josh. I’m a 35 year old truck driver. I’ve recently lost 80lbs. I’m 6’1 200lbs. Roughly 19% bf. I train about 4-5x a week at the gym but have no consistency on my split as I don’t know how to set one up. I want to grow my upper body mostly. My legs carry little fat really it’s all gut and love handles. I don’t care much about abs but I’d like a smaller waist and bigger arms. I’m around a 36-38w. 14” arms. My goal is 18” arms and a 32” waist.

Currently I eat mostly chicken and rice and red meat on occasion and plenty of junk that I’m slowly cutting out. Can anyone point me to a training plan I could follow? Ill do my best to answer any questions. I’m brand new to the site so all help is greatly appreciated.

There are dozens of plans, but I am just going to get right to the point and tell you to just read up on Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and do that program. It may be more lower body than what you think you want, but it is a good way to build a foundation of strength.

I appreciate it. Just started day one of the 5-3-1. Solid plan. Thank you for the advice👍🏻

No problem, and come back if any of the programming confuses you. You can usually download an app or use a online calculator to help you out. And do not, do not, do not overestimate your max lifts, which everything is based on. Good rule of thumb…figure out your real max for a single rep, and then use 90% of that number. It may seem low at first, but it will quickly become a challenge, especially if you do the Big But Boring variation.

I really feel he needs to add some posture work with this. That’s the only reason I didn’t suggest the Hardgainer. I would do BPAs and face pulls every workout or at least Some kind of horizontal pull.

Not a bad suggestion. He can easily add it to the basic program.

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5/3/1 is a great program, bit you can probably find something more compatible with you goal of adding upper body mass. I’d take a look at Paul Carter’s push/pull/legs stuff.

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Why in the world someone would recommend 5/3/1 given your goals is beyond me. The ONLY reason to do 5/3/1 is if strength is at least mentioned as a priority. You don’t care about growing your legs, you essentially said you only want to look good, and you want bigger arms. 5/3/1 is based on building strength, and it half of the program is essentially lower body work. On top of that, arms are de-prioritized in the program. So yea. If 5/3/1 sounds like fun to you, go ahead and do, but it’s not the appropriate program for your stated goals.

Literally any bodybuilding-oriented program would be a better option. A bodypart ‘bro split.’

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Thank you guys for the help. Y’all are awesome for helping. Thanks for not hating :joy: