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Newbie Needing Help, 6 Week Tren Cycle and PCT

Been doing some general reading and want to make sure I’m making the right moves and choices etc
Been reading about tren and understand a dose of 100mg every other day would be a good starting point, do I need ri take anything else with it? Or is it a case of running a 6 week cycle and the a pct? What pct will be best and at what dose?

Lastly, best plan to purchase both tren and recommended pct,

Thanks in advance

No sir you are not making the right moves. Read the forum a bit and look at first cycle advice.

Tren on a first run is a very bad idea. Tren on a first run without test will cure you of any curiosity you may have about gear for the rest of your life. You won’t get anywhere near a needle again if you run tren solo your first time out.

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