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Newbie Need Diet and Routine Help

Im a 31 yr old guy, weighing in at 250 and im short. My BF was recently calc at 33.6%. I gotta lose this weight and I need HELP!

Can someone point me to a diet and let me know should I be taking in 1.5x or 2x my LBM in protein per day.

I know I need to get the fish oil (but how much per day?) I know I need to get the BCAA (but how much per day)and what ratio of Protein/Fat/Carb should I be using in my diet.

Also I need a routine to start off with for the first 12 weeks while i get back in shape, not worried about cardio, I bike to and from the gym and will do a slow continuous stepmill on the weekends for about 50 min.

I appreciate your help.

Read the stickies at the top of the forum. Come back if you have questions after reading them.

this guy is a fat loss god.


if you like it, buy his “afterburn” manual. It’s awesome.